Effects of a Roman Catholic school

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by catmull, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. John was 15 and was never any good at maths and his parents had tried everything, paid for a tutor, home schooled, even hired a professor to help, but nothing worked.

    Last month, his parents decided to remove him from school and sneaked him into a Roman Catholic school across town. After his first day, he came home and went straight upstairs to do algebra, much to his parents astonishment.

    After his second day, he came home and went straight upstairs to do logarithms. By now, his parents are well chuffed.

    After the third day, he came in again and was doing exponential functions when his parents asked him 'why are you so good at maths all of a sudden? is it the nuns teaching you?'

    john replied no, so his parents asked if he'd just had enough of being laughed at by other children.

    John replied 'no, there's some bloke in the corner of the room nailed to a plus and there's no fucking way I'm gonna end up like that poor bastard!'