Effectiveness of TA unit training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Just a thought, is it really that effective?

    Aren't most deployments preceeded by work up training.

    Do we actually make any difference to an unfit soldier, other than saying your not getting your bounty lardy.

    Obviously some people don't think so........
  2. Maybe not, but we get the recruits through the door, train them initially, give them an idea of the lifestyle and social aspects of the organisation which often makes them want to go on tour and then come back and do more.

    I think we'd be a miserable establishment if all we did was to train troops and then send them out to Ops, totally soulless. I for one didn't join specifically to go on tours, in fact I didn't join to go on tours (not that I don't enjoy them and do them as required).

  3. Unit training is important as it lets you form bonds with the people in your unit, you learn from each other and you put in to practice what you learnt on your trade training. I personally would not want to go on pre op training having never done field exercises with my unit. There would be very little incentive for me to be in the Ta atall or join it in the first place if we were not able to train and socialise with the others in the unit. If you don't do unit training you get massive skill fade, I have already experienced this whilst finding a unit to transfer to after relocating, I havent even looked at a rifle in 6 months, really cannot remember the drills.
  4. Aren't most regular deployments preceded by training? Perhaps we should just bin all Phase 1 and 2 training across the Army and only train when it's needed. Hang on, why not just bin the Army completely except when needed... :)
  5. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    and one dead thread . . .. .
  6. The beat up training for myself on my first tour was 4 weeks, I had only been in 1.5 years,
    so to be a Cbt Eng and out on tour as a reg would be a 12 week basic 14 week gib and then phase 3 training,
    so in fact the TA training cut the process down a lot other wise i would of had to of done 24 weeks beat up training minimum! was i as skilled as my reg counter parts yeah cause its my civvy job day in day out.

    The other thing to note that all tho most TA training is a bag of poo but who orginise it and who runs .... ow yeah Regs who think were a joke untill you need us then were great!
  7. Yes...silly f@cking question...The Lard munching "Enablers" dont go to sandpits...But for some strange reason do get signed off for PFT and CFT at Cadet camps...priceless. 8O
  8. Wow, combat engineer is your day job? Where do you work, night shifts in Liverpool?

    *sigh* Well, that didn't take long did it.
  9. Polar,

    I think I'm right in saying your post puts an opinion (not your own) out there for debate.

    In response, yes, training at unit level is immensely important, both for core skills and for more operationally specific training. A number of people have come up to me to say that they found the training done at the TAC useful (when it works well!) and a solid foundation for further training carried out on courses and in pre-deployment. I believe that, and them, were we to abolish unit training the pre-deployment courses would be immeasurably lengethened and, I think, would see fewer volunteers for Ops.
  10. On my last tour our beat up was 12 week...just our TM and couple of Psi's and shed loads of kit...The Trg was top notch and worked a treat..dont get me wrong not easy, but very on task.

    Next one will be with the unit Attached...but going by the report of the last of ours to do it also good...

    Its not all gloom...not yet :roll:
  11. Why's that, it seems to be the 'cunning plan' for the future of the TA.

    1st edit ... or did you mean one dead TA?

    2nd edit .... You mean't the thread would decsend into a TA vrs Reg fest didn't you
  12. Sounds like you're in the wrong unit.
  13. Yep, I was thinking about how brutal you could be to the TA and still get results (for Ops).
  14. don't worry - there isn't any (training that is)
  15. it is now! we got a twat of a Qmsi who cant do shit that last one was awesome and all the training was shit hot but since this new one who cant be bothered our unit numbers have drop and the training is shit!

    ow what a surprise he's a reg