effective sentencing anyone?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by maguire, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer


    'Antonette Richardson was jailed for 18 months and Tony Virasami was sentenced to four years for manslaughter.
    Southwark Crown Court heard Richardson called ex-boyfriend Virasami to the Sainsbury's store in Merton where he mistakenly punched Kevin Tripp.
    Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC said the sentences reflected the "shock and concern felt by the public at large". '

    er, no mate... because if it reflected the concern (I'm not shocked, becuase this type of thing seems to be par for the course these days) they'd be doing twenty years each minimum, as serial recidivists. and they wouldnt be out in six either as they would be at the moment.
    as it is, if she does more than six months I'll be gobsmacked, and he'll do less than two. how long is it before the one of the victims families takes matters into their own hand? and who would find them guilty at the subsequent trial, when CPS invariably try and get them sent down for life??
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Well, the judiciary do appear to be listening, the mother of Rhys Jones' killer has just got three years for perverting the course of justice, and the parents of the co-accused have been given 18 months for the same offence.
  3. Starting to listen maybe.

    Reported today the parents of a tiny boy murdered and found with broken legs and arms - sentenced to three years! - three 'effing' years!!!

    'Three 'effing years' in the Bliar/Brown justice system means twelve to eighteen months!

    I thought murder meant LIFE, or when I was young, and until the country went mad, - DEATH BY HANGING!
  4. Meanwhile John and Anne Darwin, the couple who put in a dodgy MMA claim (ok - life insurance) got 6.5 years each. It just shows that you get punished more heavily in this country for crime against a financial institution than you do for taking a defenceless life.

    THAT's what people should be protesting about.
  5. Makes my blood boil.
    The statute books have the sentence terms there already, many of which are long, 10 year for burglary, 5 years for possession of a firearm etc etc..
    but no member of the judiciary has the balls to impose proper terms.
    This would undoubtedly be a start at presenting at least some deterrent to the shitebags who plague our society, and at the very least keep them away from the public for longer - which is the main point of prison (punishment has long gone by the wayside), giving society a break from their antics.
    I dealt with a male who tried to take my head off with a 4' claymore sword in Lupus Street, victoria some years ago.Luckily I was armed and had taken up all the possible pressure on the trigger about to fire, when he threw down the weapon and was arrested.
    Waht did he get at court? Bound over and released, as the magistrate felt he had learnt his lesson by having firerams pointed at him..
    I despair.
  6. It is about time sentancing in this country was shaken up.... you go around punching people or some slapper goes around inciting their moronic boyfriends to punch people then it is about time they went down for some serious time.

    Not too long ago in Derby you had the fruit bat bird who then incited her husband to throw a brick through the window of an 80 year old man... over a fcuking car parking space.

    Now a guy gets punched (and dies) because of a cue jumping incident... get a fcuking life people, don't take one. Put it in perspective.

    And here is another charmercharmer....

    Hmmm.. golden hour anyone? It was a hearth attack after all, surely speed is of the essence in such a scenario.

    It's about time mongs such as the above mentioned started taking responsibility for their actions and are suitabley punished for their stupidity.
  7. watching one of the many fly on the wall programmes about the old bill the other night, (road wars i think) the old bill did a raid on a drug dealers house and found a kilo od uncut heroin, more H cut up and bagged ready to be sold, a shed load of crack cocain, weed etc, now the maximum for possession with intent to supply of a class A substance is life, the sentance was ludicrously light..........18 bloody months for the whole shebang, yet another instance of our lovely liabour justice system at work, i wonder if the dealer was supplying the judge?
  8. I makes me wonder, do judges have any balls at all? It would only take one of them to say hang on this is not right and do the right thing. Joe public are sick to the back teeth of seeing in the papers and on TV about how some low life gets just a slap on the bottom and told not to be a naughty boy/girl. They need to have the full weight of the law thrown at them and given the maximum that a judge is allowed, only then will these scum think about what they have done. It really makes me wonder what planet that the Judges live on if they think that the low life in front of them who having been found guilty will complain and say thank you for the 200 hrs community service.!!! NO they won't because they will not turn up anyway and nothing will happen to them as a result, they don't care end of. I think it is about time Judges where elected and then I think we would see the system improved a whole lot more. (Rant over for now)
  9. A consequence of the judiciary being packed with 'the right kind of people' for the past 12 years.

    In addition, the prisons are full. While ministers give the 'tough on crime' speech for the cameras, judges and magistrates are being told that they can't pass custodial sentences for anything but the most serious offences. Even then, time served has to be at an absolute minimum to free up cells asap.

    Case in point is the delightful Nicholas Hague. Nicholas beat a bloke to death in the street. CPS plea bargained the offence down to manslaughter. He plead guilty and got 2 years and 3 months - for killing somebody.

    After his 30% discount for pleading guilty, 50% automatic parole, discount for time served on remand and emergency early release scheme, he ended up serving less than 12 weeks - for killing somebody.

    Having paid his debt to society by playing snooker, watching telly and lying in his pit, he was discharged with forty-odd quid in his pocket so he could get a taxi back to his taxpayer funded council house.

    Also, and wait for this, part of the cash was to compensate him for loss of living accommodation because he'd been 'forced out' of prison early under the emergency release scheme.

    On arriving home, he promptly visited the nearest off licence and spent his compensation on as much strong cider as he could get down his neck. On the way back to his house he demanded a ciggie from 60 year old Susan Collins.

    He knew Susan. She lived nearby. He'd previously grabbed her round the neck, forced her mouth open and spat down her throat. When she didn't have a ciggie to give him, he did this to her.


    He beat her to the ground and jumped on her head, separating her face from her skull. As a result, she is now partially blind, confined to a wheelchair and she has metal plates holding her brains in.

    Now have a look on the 'Septic Isle' blog. While catching his breath between slagging off The Sun and praising the G20 crusties, Septic manages to chastise us for condemning 'immature men like Nicholas Hague'. Septic is strangely reluctant to reveal his identity or occupation. Couldn't be one of the 25% of adults who now work for the government could he?
  10. That is one of the most sickening tales I have ever encountered. Such remorseless behaviour is beneath contempt. Perhaps we ought to be able to simply turn him over to the victim's family for retribution.
  11. I totally agree with you but the problem is that there are too many DO GOODERS out there, with the pathetic excuse of, "He/she comes from a broken home/poor family, etc,etc, etc. It is about time that these things (as they are not human) where brought to book and the Law picked the books up and slammed them down on their heads with the full force. It breaks my heart to see an old lady beaten to a pulp, but the low life scum who did the deed being shown as a victem as well. Its about time it stopped!!!!! :x :x :x :x
  12. Life sentences for such crimes, no parole possible, is the answer.
    Over here, the Manson 'family' keep trying to get out on 'good behaviour'! Don't care if they've become Mother Teresa - it should have no bearing on the sentence.
  13. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

  14. I do wonder about the crime where some thug with no driving license steals a car, rags it through the streets, police chase and scumbag uses this as an excuse for even more dangerous driving. Eventually piles car in and is arrested………….
    Best bit, the judge gives them a driving ban!!! Now that will teach them. :x :x
  15. I saw a similar story on news this morning (couldn't find it later to give linky thing) Scrote was tazered by armed police for brandishing a machete. What is the betting that he will be given a slap on the wrist, released and in due course will go a step further next time he gets popped up or gets angry with society.

    I firmly believe that if armed police are faced with any nutter wielding a lethal weapon they should shoot them. Assumption should be that the police were justified in any such case. It will save time and cost in the long run and will deter others.

    Before the sandal wearing fluffy outraged liberals start up - of course, if you are just a Brazilian on the Tube, presenting no threat at all there should be no shoot to kill policy. Armed and dangerous? - then you must expect to be shot dead by the police. No warnings, no exceptions, no second chances, no excuses.