Effective enemy fire video from Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chungmeister, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. Apologies if this vid has been posted before.

    Feckin hell, this is how you define "coming under effective enemy fire"

    RM Afghan footage

    Good footage and commentry.
  2. Did anybody else want to shout... PUT YOUR F*CKING HELMET ON!?
  3. Yes...was wondering about that too.

    Scary - I thought I heard a "zing".
  4. If one bothers to serch Youtube one migth find a lot of fotage like this.
    Try Helmand, Sangin, Herrick and soo in.
  5. There is some cracking footage of the Danes (let's not forget them) in action aswell. CAS provided by a B1B at one point 8O .
  6. You did!

    Hence why they ducked down. Was a lot closer than they were expecting.

    Good footage of the rounds flying over the camera though!!!!
  7. well done to the guys out there in 42 cdo RM , though next time wear brown underpants lol.
  8. Anyone got a link to the Danes footage?
  9. I wouldn't class it as effective enemy fire TBH. Rounds whizzing over your head aren't that effective as they don't kill or injure you and the Marines weren't really pinned down, though it is quite scary the first time it happens. It's when they are pinging off your WMIK when you start to flap a bit! The taliban have a tendency to shoot high though thank god. Well done to the Marines though. Can't think of a finer unit to pick up where we left off. I just hope 12 mech Bde can do just as well for their sake.
  10. I need a change of underwear after that. Hate to think about the blokes on the ground.

    Full respect to those involved, hope they all come home safe
  11. Thanks for the links Cloggie.

    Do we have any of the glorious 49 Para in action in the 'Stan?

    (Obviously observing the limitations of OPSEC/PERSEC)
  12. Fair play to the booty's, it's what you join up for,And yes i know it is scarey stuff but there's a lot of lads who join up and never get to do any real fighting, There's a lot of envous lads who would do anything to be out there . ive got mates that are out in 42 just hope the taliban keep firing high and our lads give them a real demo in effective eny fire.

  13. No Seanbean but you may find some pics onlne of '49 Sqn EOD' (containing a para troop and a Commando troop) destroying the Tora Bora cave complex a few moons ago...