Effect of Artillery Fire

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by uavgunner, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. The Sappers must have worked overtime setting up all those Batsims.
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  2. Remember going on a visit to a bunker at Larkhill, inside the impact area, to feel the effects of shelling. Wasn't half as impressive as that though.
    It was better being at the other end with an Abbot battery on a fire mission out in BATUS.
  3. Vintage indeed, I remember that the first time around.

    Arr and they were praper roifles them were 'n all.
    Nurse I think it's time fer me pills!
  4. wow if thats what its really like i wanna piece of it
  5. He he, if you were Inf running through our batsims that wasn't mud you got spattered with :D
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Blimey, that 'Colonel' with the broken nose in the CP is DAH Green.
  7. Shit FOO and OPAcks, all rounds ground-burst against Infantry in open, fuze should have been set to 18m air-burst.

    Tsk! But the Cold-war Warriors kicked their asses back to Moscow!
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  8. Drove the FOO OPV warrior on Med Man 2 in '93, and the crazy fool would have us right on the edge of the last safe moment(?), bombing forward with the RDG battlegroup as rounds were raining in only a couple of hundred metres in front of us.

    Must say very impressive but ******* unnerving. As much as I felt relatively safe in the OPV, I was aware of 155mm hailstones

    Must say that I've probably haven't had a better piss-up with anyone anywhere that I had with the guys from 26 FD RA that summer

  9. You sure that was 93? Was it 159 Bty? Or was it 92 with 17 Bty? I m using a net-book, cant see the faces.
  10. I knew you'ld ask that. TBH I can't totally remember, although 17 (Corunna) Bty does ring a bell. It was deffo 1993. I was married in '92, posted out to Gütersloh later that year, then along with ½ Dz other RLC, volunteered to gun-bunny, drive, etc. in the summer of '93. The Bty did back-to-back Med man's (1 & 2) due to Grapple commitments on other Bty's.

    Bty names: My FOO was a Capt Armitage, and there was a cracking, albeit slightly unhinged, Black SSgt called Dougie, who stayed till the last moment ensure the last dregs of the Bty made in on the plane. :)
  11. Anyone here remember 7 RHA's jolly little "danger close familiarisation" at Otterburn, circa 1987?

    Idea was to try and emulate a WW1-style creeping barrage; which meant advancing on foot to within about 30m of the shellbursts, hitting the deck every time one came overhead inbound - and hoping it wasn't the "rugby squad" No1s laying the guns at the other end.... Think I had tinnitus - and cramp in my ring piece - for a week afterwards. I have to say it was probably the most enlightening bit of training I experienced outside of operational contact, though.

    I wonder if anyone will ever experience a WW1/WW2 intensity of barrage ever again? Can you imagine what it must have been like to be on the receiving end of a million+ shells for eight to ten hours at a time?
  12. i thought the modern take was enemy sending loads and us siting quiet as there is a rare butterfly known to frequent the target area