EFF Reveals Codes in Xerox Printers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Red Shrek, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. Interesting stuff.

  2. Big Brother? or paraniod panic?
  3. Not really when you consider that 2 years ago the Met broke a counterfeiting gang (two blokes) who were turning out the best $100 notes at that time using an of the shelf Toshiba color copier and one of those silver paint pens from Halfords ( for doing you car chrome up)
  4. It's wonderful news.

    It suggests a convenient way for the government to protect us all against photocopied pamphlets containing illicit "hate speech."
  5. I don't know how accurate this article is

    "Hackers use Google to access networked photocopiers


    Many people don't realise that modern photocopiers have hard disks that spool image files. If configured incorrectly or left to default, networked copiers can reveal network information, such as IP addresses, login details and device information, so that it can be indexed by Google."

  6. If any of you have the sheer luxury of a spare tenner in your pocket, examine it. Between the Queen's head and the signature of the Chief Cashier, there's an egg shape with numerous wavy lines.

    Look closely and you'll see loads of yellow dots. These are arranged in a sequence which your scanner/photocopier picks up and the dots 'tell' the scanner/photocopier to produce a blank section where they appear - it effectively prevents you from turning your tenner into ten million.
  7. You are joking Frenchperson!!!!

    Do you have a link to this 'fact'????

  8. ahh come on, 'french person' and 'facts', those are words that should never appear in the same sentence.
  9. Try this site.


    Oh and check any currency notes you might have about your person...
  10. If you didn't know about the yellow tots hidden in documents produced with, some, colour lazer printers your about 12 months behind the times.

    Needs to be on a public network to be indexed...................................and that would be very bad practice.
  11. You may also google for "Counterfeit Deterrence System" and you´ll find out how Adobe and Xerox and some other are working with this:


    Xerox also provides some info on the so called taggent a special chemical marking:
  12. Ok must admit I was highly skeptical about this - I thought it sounded like an urban myth, but it now seems Frenchperson was right. (oh god!, typing that really hurt).

    I havn't been able to recreate it but apparently the latest versions of Photoshop won't let you open images of some currencies. I was skeptical about the technical ability of software to detect what's happening in an image. Its hard enough to do optical character recognition without lots of errors never mind identify a banknote in an image. There are a couple more details about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EURion_constellation


    Doh! Edited to fix problem in link.
  13. Tricam.
    Your links broken, there a surplus to requirements . at the end.