eElven Supremacy 2010: 27 yrs Dalliance-LUIS, Armand & Angel

The Greatest Story of Friendship Ever Told, eBook Part One

2 years and a quarter of a century ago, LUIS, Armand and Angel changed my life and wrote my destiny (at exactly 7 p.m., June 2, 1983, at the wake of my father, Florentino, Sr.).

Even if today’s scientists began to investigate aliens and the matter of how something can be made to travel faster than the speed of light, hoping that man can time travel, still, the Violet lights of LUIS remains a mystery and I predict that this pure light would be solely his and mine.

The entire universe perforce is summed up into pure light, when mass, energy and all things including discovered quantum would remain a thing of the past, for they miserably fail to be at eternity or state, where there is no more constriction of time and space.

In this 2010 eBook, I write for and to the world, the greatest pre-destined story of friendship ever.

I am sharing with you and to the whole world, as I hereby publish online my 614 pages eSecond Book - "Philippine Mystic Dwarfs LUIS, Armand and Angel Meet Healing and Psychic Judge Florentino Floro" Part I, 2010 edition.

Download Judge Floro's 2nd Book, 2010 edition, Part I, 614 pages Word, Skydrive^_june18%20book.doc

Download - Judge Floro's 2nd Book, 2010 edition, Part I, 614 pages, published PDF, Skydrive^_june18%20book.pdf

Unlike my 404 pages First Book (2006), which I wrote in just 2 weeks, I spent 3 1/2 years writing this, and I have not yet physically published the same. Uncensored and exhaustive, I desire it to be a compendium of the deepest secrets of the universe (per the Violet lights emanating from LUIS' bonito or dwarf hat), and dire prophecies ... For these reasons, inter alia, I state with certainty that this book tells the Greatest Dwarf Story ever told, or rather, the best story of friendship, ever.

I decided to write my book in a court pleading style. I opted to copy paste the news, links and stories in their entirety and I am not botherd by copyright violations. For me, I consider that the reader is entitled to reading the full story, news and accounts by journalists. I admit that a learned editor must still clean this book for style purposes. However, since the spiritualism involved in the book is so deep, then, I decide to publish it as is, now.

Since these 3 mystic dwarves bestowed upon my soul, for free all the hidden treasures that I was pre-destined to have received since 1983 until today, ergo, I am publishing to you my story and the case, for free. You can view, print, xerox and re-publish this book outside the Philippines. You can deal, sell and trade it at your own risk.

IN TIME, I desire to publish this book in the Philippines as I did with the First Book on 2006.

Furthermore, I intend to edit and publish the Second Part of this Book (about 700 pages) in due course.


Unlike my 2010 Second Book, my 2006 First Book was edited only for about 2 weeks, that is, from December 1 to December 14, 2006 and finished (for physical publication and online or e-book publication).

I began writing and editing my 2010 Second Book on January, 2007 and finished more than 10 times. After more than 3 1/2 years, I am sharing it with you and the whole world.

Judge Florentino Floro's December 2006 First Book, 362/404 pages, published PDF "World Famous Mystic: Armand, Luis & Angel, The Three Dwarfs MEET The Judge --- Psychic & Healing Martyr of Filipino Justice"

Download - Judge Florentino Floro's December 2006 First Book , 404 pages, published PDF, Skydrive^_book.pdf

Download Judge Floro's 1st Book, 2006, 362 pages Word, Skydrive^_book12006Word.doc^_book12006Word.doc

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