Ee, Wen ah wert lad....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. I don't want to sound tooo much of an old shoit, considering I was born in 63, but one of the things that truly pisses me off about the rangey little scum you see in almost every country these days is their complete dependence on dull parents. I had a full-time, 40 hour a week job when I was 16, and apart from a grand total of around 2 years spread mainly over early years after uni ( which I got to after a struggle, and giving up my job, which in some ways I wish I never had), I haven't depended on the State or parents since, which is of course the way it should be. Chav scum seem to think they have the right to be aggressive. I think I outtrump them.
  2. shouldn't you be asleep?

    but aside from that, aye, they need to learn to stand on their own two feet... or find themselves homeless and skint one day.
  3. They'll find their parents homeless and skint first, you can be sure. And unfortunately I'm only awake because I forgot to reset the alarm to WRT ( weekend relax time) and can't get back off again!
  4. You get weekends off? Luxury!
  5. When I was a lad weekends meant not walking the 14 miles to school, and walking the 17 miles to the pit instead, followed by 18 hours hauling coal (pit ponies had been banned you see), and all I had to eat was two slices of bread and dripping.

    If you tell that to the kids of today, they'd never believe you, it's all Playstation, and McDonalds for them; soft shiites!
  6. Ah must admiit lad, that apart from the usual ones, them being Christian, Jewish and Muslim, ah have only told my employers about the Hoogies, who have a religious holiday on Tuesdays, and I believe in them like, welll, the Woogies, they do it on Wednesdays, hence the name, Norse Gods I fancy on Thursday. Anyone who touches me for taking a day off every week, I'll ave em, in court .
  7. Luxury i were sent down pit when i was 5 minutes old i had to eat me own umbilical cord for lunch and that were shared between me and me four brothers.
  8. Ah grew up int Surrey, so I had t'walk 300 miles t'pit, work 25 hours a day and when I'd get home my father would cut us up into little pieces and dance on me grave...
  9. ....


    It was only me that had a fairly normal childhood then i guess? :p
  10. Should you not give Monty Python some credit?
  11. Listen son, them granite rocks? I had to polish them between mah balls, in the 2 minuets before me mam came doun, give us the complete works of Shakespeare on t'ed, and said, see them niggers olut there? I I want them all shot by lunchtime. How we used to love it. She only done give us cartridges for 5 so we had to kick the rest to death. If ya brought 3 back yerself, ya got sprouts an all. Them days were gud a tell ya. I still got som blac, pike, I cant remember, thems teeth anyway,in ma cloves somwhere. Me ma gone off abart 74, then , well some call er me sistar, her wiv the beard an nart, she took over theeen. Social anthropology in Britain began to become stressful around the mid-70's said Bjork....