Edward VIII sword

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by RCSignals, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. Some pictures of an EviiiR sword that recently sold on eBay.
    I wonder how many of these were made? This one is standard Infantry pattern

    This one sold at US $967.57







  2. I would have thought $967 was good buy, I seem to recall that EviiiR postboxes were so valuable that one bunch of crooks ram-raided a churchyard wall for one.
  3. assuming this is genuine - I wonder how many swords were actually forged, and more interestingly, how did this one get released into the public domain for (legal) re-sale.?

    I imagine that if any were produced it would only have been a small quantity and the QMs department in the 1930's, equipped only with ledgers and quill pens, should have been up to the task of keeping accounts?

    It's not like Victorian kit where there was a 60 year + timespan for stuff to go missing FFS!

  4. I don't know that these swords were forged. If they were you'd think they'd be more common.

    In the Book 'British Cut and thrust Weapons by John Wilkinson-Latham' It mentions that only five EviiiR cypher swords were made for Officers of the Northumberland Fusiliers.

    The sword that was sold on eBay was a basic pattern infantry sword, and more may have been made of them.

    In those days were not most swords personal purchase, rather than held by stores?
  5. I think they are likely to have been private purchase.

    My parents had two Edward VIII items relating to a Yeomanry Regiment - they were a cigar lighter in the shape of the orb (it rolled around the table but always righted itself with the flame uppermost) and a silver cigar box. Both were bought very cheaply by my great-grandfather at the time. Sadly they were stolen last time the house was broken into.
  6. One of my next door neighbours when we were stationed near London had her fathers Edward VIII sword. Very interesting to study. I can't recall what type it was unfortunetely.