Edward Bear Club?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by bob_lawlaw, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. Was obliged in my youth owing to job spec at the time, to train 'Academy' students and staff instructors through a few parachute descents. That was in '68 and '69, at No1 PTS then at RAF Abingdon. The green tie with the parachuting bear symbol was a treasure to receive. I still have my original.

    The liason with St. Cyr was then known as 'Ex Tipperery' I ended up during my tour at Aldershot going to St. Cyr. on 'Ex Madelon'(not sure of spelling) but sure remember the song, as a brit instructor with the French cadets. The joys of boyhood French classes not wasted.

    Is this club still in existence? Who of you out there did the 'course'.
  2. I did, at Abingdon. I think the last course was summer of 1975.
    Recently purchased a new Sandhurst Parachute Club (official name for the Edward Bear Club!) tie - was surprised they were still in production!
  3. What remains today is an ad hoc arrangement where only parachute trained OCdts can take part in the exchange with the French Army. The only parachuting done at Sandhurst is 'civilian' rather than 'military'.
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It rather looks like the only parachuting done in the army will be civilian for the time being: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2006/12/17/nparas17.xml
  5. I've seen the original Edward Bear on a Sandhurst fam visit. The text explaining the story behind the bear said that the club had ceased to exist when the commissioning course shortened to 44 weeks because you could not complete the parachute course in that time.
    hope this helps
  6. It was certainly still running when I was at RMAS in the long hot summer of '74, when the absurdly short commissioning course (SMC) was a mere 26 weeks (OCdts moving on to the post-commissioning Regular Careers Course (RCC - whose purpose eluded me then, and now, I might add) attended in their summer break.

    So, being pedantic - it would be more accurate to say "the club ceased to exist when the commissioning course was extended to 44 weeks"
  7. Edward himself was last seen by me in the office of the member of the DS responsible for parachuting (civi type sadly...) some 3 years ago in New College (the DS was a New College Senior Instructor). The famous painting of him was last seen about the same time in the admin office of the Sick Bay/Med Centre. The staff in that office were blissfully unaware of his fame but just though it 'cute'. A shame such an institution has come to this!!
  8. You should have taken a walk down the road, and seen how the Med Svcs were obliterating all evidence of the history of the Staff College - over which many, many highly paid officers had fought battles in the late 20thC, only to walk away when (predictably) they 'won' and the place didn't get sold off to private investors.

    Lots of hot air in the Army's senior ranks about 'tradition': but not much respect for it, when you scratch the surface. :cry:
  9. Edward Bear himself is on display in one of the prestige rooms at the front of Old College.

  10. Dear Edward is alive and kicking in Old College stared him in the eye a few weeks back - though have to say I doubt he would jump anymore for fear of him going to pieces mid decent. Looking a tad old these days.

    Club was suspended some time ago I believe - though not certain