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I've applied for an officer role, and have good enough GCSE's but not the required UCAS points. I've applied for an educational waiver as I've since completed a degree and I'm much older since completing my A-levels. Does anyone have any prior experience in getting an educational waiver? and how long does it take to hear a response?
What degree did you do, at which uni, and what result did you get?

A 3rd in modern dance at UEA is very different to a 1st in Physics from Cambridge

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I'd have thought they'd apply common sense and you should be fine. If they don't give you one then I'd say appeal it.

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Unlikely. Education waivers only exist for those with qualifications that are equivalent to those required.


Hi, there is the option in certain cases to allow for educational waivers, however you would need to liase with your career manager to discuss this. It will be the Senior Educational Advisor at AOSB that makes the decision.

Waivers are usually granted if you have an equivalent or higher qualification.
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Doesn't your degree supercede the UCAS points requirements.

Btw, I wouldn't recommend joining as a soldier and then trying to join from the ranks,it's doable, but it's not as straight forward as some people state it is.

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