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Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere but I have been unable to find it if it has.

I am looking for information on the ETS straight from the horses mouth if possible. First of all Is there alot of competition for positions in the ETS? What do officers in the ETS find themselves doing day to day, is it all classroom work? What are the operational roles of an ETS officer?

Sorry for asking so many questions but I really would rather get this information from officers actually in the ETS rather than getting it from an Army careers advisor. If there are any ETS officers on this forum that could PM me so i can ask more specific questions that would be very helpful.

cheers, Dave


points in order-
Don't know about competition as I transfered in-depends where you start from.

Vaarious roles in education centres and training units. Not all classroom work, plenty of outdoor jobs, especially at AFC Harrogate.

Op roles vary, there is Psyops, Theatre Education Centres in various places and roles within HQs and G5 areas.

also ETS is heavily involved in languages.

PM me if you want speceific info

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