Educational Standards

Discussion in 'ACF' started by ExRLCBod, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Is it me, or are the educational standards in the schools today absolutley cr@p. in a PT lesson tonight, we asked the cadets to shake out their limbs. only to get the question "What are limbs?" this follows questions like "Whats a trachea?" in first aid and a general inability to spell.

    it seems we loose time in a lesson covering things that should be taught at school. is it the old PC brigade not allowing teachers to well... teach or is it just the kids not paying attention.

    any thoughts from anyone

  2. The overal standard of education is no worse than it has bee in past years,however, you are correct in as much that a lot of students fail to listen purely because they have no fear of the establisment/authority. Remember that the ACF is a "release" from school for some youngsters.

  3. No. I disagree. Its worse. I see it everywhere, not just at cadets, but with junior employees in the workplace, and some have University degrees FFS!
  4. True, there are more dense b@stards around nowadays.
    Why bother learning when all they want to do is either be an hyper-rich footballer or go on the X Factor and become an instant celebrity.
    The concept of education as a prerequisite to a comfortable existence has disappeared.
  5. I spent quite a time working in the education sector after regs, and can confirm that standards are very low now.......

  6. Was that deliberate?

  7. Typo or spelling errors? cnut!
  8. One word which explains everything; groupwork. In essence, we've totally lost control, you are all sitting gabbing all day, there is a constant low-level hubbub, let's redefine that as what we are actually looking for.

    Now we don't have "unproductive indiscipline", rather you are all "working in groups".
  9. Can that be translated into English?
  10. how many of you are actually teachers? just wondering if anyone here actually knows WTF they're talking about.

    IMHO kids aren't any stupider, nor are standards slipping in any way. when i did o'levels/gcses (and yes, i actually did some of both because i was sixteen the year they brought the GCSE in to replace the o'level/CSE). what HAS happened is that kids who would have been packed of to special school are now "included" with everyone else. some kids come from backgrounds where there is no appreciation of the value of education - why should the parents care how their kids do when they can't read either. 20 years of government initiatives has meant a serious loss of moral in the teaching profession. the obsession with testing has led to pupils (and adults) disenchanted with the whole process.

    could be a whole number of reasosn why those kids don't know what limbs or a trachea (sp?) are. possibly they bunked off school that day.
  11. I was almost speechless when I was told when teaching cadets first aid - that 'blood in the veins is blue and it is red in the arteries' this was by a Yr 11 GCSE biology student and was echoed by other students from different schools (all of them reasonably bright) I hastened to correct them. I do understand that education has changed but, although I don't wish to jump on the 'back in my day' bandwaggon, am shocked to hear that they are being taught something completely incorrect and really cannot understand the reasons for this at all.
  12. i doubt very much that they are being taught that particular snippet incorrectly. kids are kids and they do tend to get things wrong!
  13. That's what I thought, initially. And told them their teacher could not possibly have said this. Unfortunately it turns out they are being taught this as 'simplified information' WTF - it's complete rubbish! and that they are taught correct information at A-Level. Not a one off - I gather it's similar for many subjects, particularly in the sciences. I am all for simplifying learning, depending on the level - but it does worry me what information is being taught.
  14. I believe that educational standards are lower today. I was in a lecture not so long ago and was told that some young people joining the forces today have the educational standard of an 11 year old. I don't know what this was based on, whether it was the equivalent 11 year old standard from 10 years ago or 20 etc.
    I know for a fact that in our local school there are 15 year olds that cannot list the months of the year in the correct order or tell how many days are in each month.
    My own kids are not as educated as I would expect at their age. I don't know whether that is because of the standards of teaching, the atitude of the student or the result of me being away on tour for half their lives.