Educational requirments for officer selection

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by DJP, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. DJP



    I'm new to the forum and I am just wondering if anybody could give some advice.

    I am looking to apply to become an officer in the Army but I am bit concerned about the required ALIS points.

    Unfortunately I do not have the required 7 C or above GCSE's I do however have a C or above in Maths, English and Science as well as the required 180UCAS points and a degree.

    Is there any hope for me in becoming an officer or are they very strict on the 35 ALIS points?

  2. I am pretty sure that, as long as you have the Maths, English & Science basics (which you do) then the UCAS points from A Level and degree "trump" the requirement for ALIS points. A quick telephone call to your Army Careers Advisor (Officers) will confirm this in a few minutes - details can be found online, in the 'phone book or by ringing your local AFCO. Your A Level and degree subjects may slightly reduce you future choice of capbadge, if not in theory then perhaps in practice.