Educational requirements for Office entry


I went to my local careers office to ask about joining the Army as an officer so I filled out that initial interest form and got called in to a room with two Sergeants, one from the RMP and another from the Signallers.

They reckoned everything on my form met requirements except for the fact that I failed GCSE Science, the alternative is to have done a foreign language but I did Welsh as a 2nd language option. I've been waiting for about 3 weeks to recieve a phone call from a Captain to decide firstly if my Science qualifications are enough or alternatively if my welsh GCSE counts as a second language.

At the moment I'm a 3rd year BSc Hons Police Sciences student so it's not like there isn't a scientific aspect to the course I'm doing.

Anybody have any experience of situations like this and people like me who were too lazy to put any effort in to GCSE's at the time?


normally the only education required to get into an office is the ability to read "push" or "pull" on the door.

If it's a plush office with automatic doors, then no education is required at all.

I wish you luck.......

I'm not sure to be honest, I've just been stopped from going to Main Board because I don't have my GCSE certificates - from 12 years ago!

Just make sure you have all of the relevant certificates in place before you proceed so you don't get dashed at the last hurdle like myself.

Good Luck and I hope it works out well for you :)

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