Educational level of soldiers since Telic

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Yes recruits are poorer

  2. Yes recruits are better

  3. Nothings changed

  1. Either my unit is now recruiting from a different group from before or they are going elsewhere but it seems the quality has dropped. Anyone else seen this?

    I may be wrong as during the same period the unit gained more technical equipment (which is obscuring my observations)
  2. Going slightly off topic

    Army Basic Skills Provision

    Which talks about basic skills in the army. The idea being that the Army takes on below standard and improves their maths and literacy levels. This improvement is literacy could require a Cpl to have Level 2 literacy / ?English GCSE Grade A-C? and Sergeants to have Level 3 literacy / ?English A Level?

    Their is another report that talks about this being applied to the TA, anyone know of it?
  3. During my last tenure of regular regimental duty some years back, my soldiers managed to break a 3-ton concrete road barrier.

    I think you'll find that the equipment changes, but that the squaddie doesn't....LOL....
  4. i doubt if there will be any changes to the entry standards for the TA in the forseeable although i believe that centralised phase 1 trg is shortly coming into effect. this should in effect prevent standards of new recruits being so diverse although my concerns are that units will know longer have the ability to 'vet' potential recruits as they will be provided for us from a central source!!
  5. That would be difficult to implement, TA recruit locally and don't really target parts of the population. So a TA Inf and Signals (for example) will have soldiers with similar educational standards (I'd go further and say Inf TA soldiers have had a better education - my own unit bucks this trend because it reaped a big bounty from SDR as WFR was a small regiment but thats not sustainable).

    This pattern of recruitment doesn't fit what we are being expected to do, regulars may be able to take a civvie with 1 GCSE and turn them into a competent soldier but in the TA that doesn't work. We can't improve a soldiers education to the extent the Basic Skills report suggests the regular army does. It follows that if the regular army recruits someone at 1 GCSE level we probably need someone at 5 GCSE level.

    Or put a different way, if I want a competent TA Signals operator I would like to have people with at least 5 GCSE's at A-C grades or Level 2 equivalents. Thats not a figure pulled out of the air, its what all of the good operators have in my unit (inc Watto, another site member), those that don't meet this are struggling.

    The irony is that this is higher than what officers are needed to do. 4 people in my Sqn meet this, me, my replacement, their replacement and one other... what happens next???
  6. There are certainly plans to introduce regional recruitment with RRT conducting TAFS1 and then sending the recruit to the unit they think would be best for that recruit. As to educational standards I don’t think they have changed, a large number of our unit either hold a degree or are studying for 1, (that doesn’t include officers).

    You quote 5 GCSE’s as been a recommend minimum entry level to join the TA what about RE where not only educational qualifications are needed but trade quals? I.e. High Voltage Electrician, Joiner, Plumber etc…the same applies to REME, RLC by applying a minimum entry requirement you will not recruit people into the TA. I don’t hold 5 GCSE’s A-C but I am a competent signaller (class 2) with the RE and can hold a sensible conversation. Exams prove that a person is has a good memory, not how much they knows or how intelligent they are.
  7. Sorry for removing much of your post.

    I expect you and will be. Some TA RSigs have recently been updated with comms kit, its not that we just got BOWMAN we went a lot further. Soldiers who were comfortable with CLANSMAN, were out of their comfort zone and left the TA, same happened to other soldiers who knew a system called NCRS.

    We modernised very quickly and left a very high casualty rate along that path, I got promoted cause I could keep up (I hope ability comes in there aswell).
  8. Are the only criteria for promotion the fact that a person can keep up! While Boman is possibly harder to use (not seen it yet) my understanding is that there is 2 paths a person can take, tech or signaller. The signaller route is not very different from the role now (as far as I understand it). But does that still require the level of educational qualification that you put forward? Someone going tech route will have to have a basic understanding of computer systems.
  9. Hey OR, cant remember, but can you beat 40?, way off thread I know.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Coming from the man who asked if the CAST(N) w/e at Catterick was the CLM w/e at Redford (post deleted to spare any futher embarrassment) , this is a bit rich ;)

  11. Don't do officer type things! but yeah.
  12. as has been said in the past ffbox oldist-recruit is just a nick name on here, not wanting to take the lime light off anybody!!!
  13. Msr and I have both advocated IT quals for RSigs as an incentive towards recruitment/retention, its the way forward. Units filled with Ed's (a basic Sigs trade) isn't.
    I don't doubt your ability, the difference between TA RSigs and other Sigs wasn't much in the past but it is now. The important point is the TA doesn't recruit this way, you may be excellent but your in the wrong corps
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Would this be the right time to bring up the fact that 1 AEC (Preston) don't work weekends and are therefore of neither use nor ornament to the TA regiments in 42 Bde?

    This is despite the fact that they offer ECDL, MOS and other IT qualifications.