Educational Assistance After Leaving The Services?

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by dixie-basher, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. I got out of the Army in 2007, prior to getting out I remember filling a form that allowed me to get educational assistance for up to 10 years after leaving the mob... so, now I am in a position whereto get a job I need to do a coursre, quite pricey (its about £1200 by all accounts). How would I go about making contact with someone who could assist... I think the paperwork was lost during several house moves since leaving :oops:
  2. It's called Enhanced Learning Credits and wil give you 80% of the course fee for most courses that end in a recognised qualfication up to a limit of £1000 if you served under 8 years and up to £2000 if you did longer than that - provided you were registered.

    Their website page for those who have left the Service is at Ex-service Personnel

    Good Luck with your course...
  3. Try this linky: Ex-service Personnel

    Beaten to it!
  4. Thanks very much to both of you.
  5. Blimey... turns out the course I want to do might not be recognised by the Early Learning Centre scheme - might not be the equivalent of an A Level or NVQ or summat... hey ho. Also, the course has to be run by a provider who is "on the list" of approved training companies... rather than keep going back to the (I have to say very helpful) people at the ELC desk at Andover, is there a published list of educational providers who are on the "list"?
  6. IIRC they don't have to be on the list, you can apply to have them added