Educational Allowance & the TA

Do the TA recieve the same educational allowance that the Regs recieve? I'm pretty certain that when I joint in 2001 that we were entitled however I found out yesterday that we cannot claim it...

Anyone able to confirm this either way please?
Ha, ha, ha.

The AECs don't even open on the weekends and they have no facilities whatsoever to help the TA.

Thought I must have been dreaming when I heard it!! :)

Shame as I was looking at using £50 to offset upgrading my DITS to that City and Guilds qualification..!
Have you put a proposal together for your Ops Sp Offr as a retention idea? You might get the £50 back that way...

Worth a thought..... Will ask next time I'm in.

Not really that fussed about getting the qualification as I don't really forsee any desperate need for it, just thought that for the sake of less then one uni essay amount of extra work I might as well get it!

Going to ask my civvy employer if they might be prepared to pay for it as though not vital to my job it will certainly look nice to have.
Has this happened accross the board then? When I did my DITs they were talking about wanting to do this but the plans weren't out yet.

Can anyone PM me the details please. Un-educated scroats like me need all the quals we can get our grubby little hands on.
The allowance you are referring to is known as the Standard Learning Credit.

TA can claim whilst they are serving on FTRS or similar engagements.
To my knowledge this has always been the case.

Your Arm/Service will have a vocational qualifications cell of some sort and they may well be able to support you. Get the contact details from your Adjt.

Not the answer you want I'm afraid.


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