Teacher asked the kids to see if they could construct a sentence containing the words "Thank you" "Great" and "Wonderful" or as many as possible. After they'd had a while to think, Ms Brown asked if anyone had got an answer. Three kids put up their hands. Ms Brown said. "Off you go Katie. Katie managed two. "Mummy and Daddy went to a party and next day I heard Mummy say what a wonderful time they'd had and Dad said. "Yes, it was a great party." The teacher said. "Very very good Katie." Next came Elizabeth. " Daddy bought Mummy a new dress and a great pair of shoes and Daddy said she looked wonderful in it. Mummy said. "Thank you, I just love it." Ms Brown said. " That is very goog indeed Elizabeth, full marks for you." That left little Jimmy. Ms Brown looked at him warily and then said. "Alright Jimmy, let's hear your sentence. "Yes sister came home from school yesterday and told Mum and Dad that she was pregnant and Dad said. "Thank you.. so very very much, that's just great, that's really f****n' wonderful."

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