Afternoon guys and girls, first post in officer thread so be nice!

I keep hearing differing information with regards to minimum education standards required for entrants.

I have 11 GCSEs A-C a BTEC Nat Diploma in Sports Science, an AS at grade C and Higher Sports Leader Award. = 230 UCAS points.

As you can see I do not have a degree. Recruitment officer told me this is not a porblem where as my dad who was in the Houshold Cavalry for 23 years says it may be an issue.

the definitive answer would be much appreciated. I have a background in telecomms as i currently work for BT so am looking to transfer my skilling and capabilities to a Signals Regiment


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You do NOT need a degree.

However, grads will be paid a bit more and I believe get 3 years (ish) seniority? I am not 100% though. I think you will spend a bit longer as 2nd Lt also.

If you are looking at R SIGNALS, recommend whole heartedly their FAM visit, I was on one a few weeks ago, great time.
Sounds good. lack of seniority could be the "issue" my dad was talking about.
What did the fam weekend consist of? im looking at 10 sigs as I am told they specialise in fixed comms not unlike BT Openreach. ie copper and fiber. Even though im not sure you can specify a particular regiment.

cheers for the reply
FAM visit is run by SORLS - Signal Officer Recruiting and Liason Team.

Consists of 24 hours at Blandford Camp (Dorset) learning what they do, chatting to a few troopers, practicing command tasks, interviews and the log race. At the end they will arrange sponsorship if needed.

One of the best things was the 2 Captains who were running it did a presentation on their career since they joined, as the Corps is so big they have had such variety that (so I've heard) you can't get serving with a Infantry battalion.

Google SORLS and drop them an email, I believe they run a visit each month.
Not having a degree simply means you get vastly reduced pay and take 2/3 years (I forget which) longer for your 1st promotion (and the attached stick that goes with this from your fellow sub lts).
Also some caps only available with a degree- REME, ETS, chaplin, and medical/ dentistry roles are the only ones you are excluded from i belive.

Hope that helps
Vastly reduced?! I wasn't aware the pay was any different I just thought it meant a delay in promotion as stated above.
So I could be doing the same job as someone who completed a degree in playing computer games and get paid less. Such is life, as I have found with BT who I currently work for.

Had first interview today and was told it went very well and they like what they saw. Advised however that BMI was high even though my 1.5mile time is sub 10min and pressups are 80-90 in 2 mins. (Stocky Rugby type)
im on the other end of the bmi index spectrum...
i can't stress enough do lots of running! 10.2 in the msft is really bleeding easy and you have to remember they usually use this as a warm up before more challenging things come along.

when i did my briefing there were lads there that were still undertaking a degree so i wouldnt rule that out as an option because the AOSB is a long winded process and the fact that you have a degree/spent time out of secondary education doing something far removed will only ever stand in your favour when interviewed at the board.

something all the gumfph you will have been handed will not say is the need for maturity (which im not doubting you have) but also some life experience too.

on the flip side of the coin you could always study for a degree once accepted if you either have the time or the desire to do so.
remember your dad is probably just doing what any father would do and want to see you do the best you can/have something to fall back upon. :)

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