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Does anyone have any clue about the "career gap" scheme that has been talked about recently? I have an interest in gaining higher education, something like the Int and Sy studies Masters Degree that's at Salford Uni, and I think this would be my means of gaining that education whilst staying in the Corps.

I really want to know if anyone in the hierarchy of the Corps would look down on me for going for such a thing, therefore brining my career to an abrupt standstill!!

Please help! (may also make good discussion overall?)
NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I shouldn't think they would get the hump for trying to improve your lot in life. My advice is do it. Just as long as you don't move into the halls of residence that is! I think it would be a poor Army if further education was discouraged. I have managed to get myself MCSE and CISCO qualified during my service, and no-one moaned at me! Get amongst it my old fruit!


I assume that this is a taught Masters? I did mine part time. Took 2 years and it does eat into your social life but it's manageable and you don't need to take any breaks in your career or earnings. You just have to book leave to suit your programme. Deployments will screw you, but if you can stay deployment free for 18 months to get the taught part out of the way, then you actually have 6 years from start date to get your dissertation in. As you're doing Higher Ed in your spare time, looks good on your annual reports. I'm going back to do a full time MSc in September, but I'm no longer serving and it'll be over and done quicker.

If you do go part time and you're serving far away from your Uni, make sure you have access to a bloody good library.
Anyone who does a part-time Masters in two years has my deepest admiration. My PGC took that, but I was getting sozzled in the Sudanese night-clubs for much of it so maybe I was being lazy.
I decided on the the Loughborough research course for the flexibility (!) it gave over a taught course, which turned out to be a myth. As one of the grizzly old types who did something similar on A2 in 1976 I had the experience of digging for information under adverse conditions. Tom Mulhall ( of that parish can advise you. Do it.
I took one of these career breaks (or Special Unpaid Leave as it was called). I've found it very frustrating since I have returned. I picked up where I left off, but in real terms I felt like I'd dropped behind my peers. Having said that though.... I would never discourage anybody from going for a career break, especially if it's to better yourself. I took mine for personal reasons ans wish I'd put it to better use now. Good luck if you decide to go for it
surely in real terms you HAVE dropped behind your peers. you picked up your career where you left off, but they continued / progressed / got promoted for the X years you were away.

or am i missing something (as usual)?
Am I getting a hint that this 'scheme' is something not open to those issued with ill-tailored suits and stripes on their arms? Wouldn't be surprised, somehow....
Yeah I have dropped behind my peers but my own career was frozen so I still have the same amount of time left to get promoted etc as I did when I swanned off for a couple of years! The scheme is open to eveyone....I've got an ill fitting suit and stripes and I was one of the first to get it.
Then CR has a chance after all!!

(Never had that sort of thing in my day. Schimpf...)
Don't know about the particulars but can say am nervous myself about becoming a 'durty stoodent' next year at the age of 36. Planned on a distance learning Masters if I got acertain job in West Africa. Failed to get said job so decided to bite the bullet and do a year's full-time course just to get it over and done with. Not just a student again after a long break but a UK resident too after eight years in sunnier climes...

Good luck to you. I can appreciate how hard it can be to look to the further horizon and contemplate leaping into the unknown!


I wonder about this career break gig - what happens if someone on said break finds themselves a really decent job, new career, new life etc - are they forced to rejoin after their one or two years away?

If not, it appears that it will be a good opportunity to "test the water" so to speak - if you do well, stay out, if you get tired of being a civi, get back in and crack on.
Difficult to assess this from the "other side"

These quals may have more relavance once you are out, than when you are in. < I don't mean in the Harp players or Biblical sense either>

<<PS: is this the first slime post via 3G??>>

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