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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JayJ, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. Im just wondering is there a way to get further education while your in the army, the thing is from day 1 ive wanted to become a veichle engineer but i was a grade off the required in maths in english,

    i joined the infantry instead, but was wondering once im in is there anyway i could get my maths and english up and maybe be a engineer at some period in my time in the army, maybe if i went down the path of a Assault Engineer

    or would i have to come out of the army all together and go back to college ?
  2. Pop down to your local Army Education Centre - they will be able to advise you on the best options.
  3. well i start basic on the 4th of october so theres not much point, i want to go in the infantry too but im just hoping somewhere down the line ill be able to further my education or get in the royal engineers

    i was 1 grade off science and english. maths is ok.
  4. I believe you get a certain amount of education "fund" a year (you could always pay for it yourself)

    It takes round about 5-6 years to get a full degree through the open university. Have a look at the engineering degree courses you can take. I think cos your in the armed forces they are also fairly leniant with handing in course work. You never need to visit the submit all work online and with each unit they send you out all books, cds, dvds so it's pretty good.

    You can do a unit every 6-8 months and the unit varies in price but is usually the £600 mark with the option to pay monthly
  5. 5-6 years, :cry: , i cant say i understand degree's and stuff tbh, all i know is GCSE's :p , i need a D in science and a D in english, if that would take me 6 years :oops:
  6. I was told 75% of the cost up to £250 a year.
  7. It's quite easy to attend some adult classes in the civilian world once you finish training and get to your first working unit. You will miss some classes though due to guard, exercise etc, just make sure your unit is not going on any tours for the forseeable future. Classes cost about £5 a time so wont break the bank and will take the full academic year.

    There are funds available to you too, these will be explained to you, parrot fashion at some point in your training, just try not to nod off. ;)