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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by sammyw, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Hi, if you join the regulars can you transfer to the TA say after 2 years, or do you have to do the minimum before you can transfer?

    I know it might sound weird but my head is bouncing around atm, i want to go to uni, but i don't think i can handle another 3 years of education right now. The Army looks great for me, but i don't want to get in and wish i went to uni and have to wait 4 years till i can go (though this might not be the case).

    In an ideal scenario, i would love to do this.... Go in the regulars for 2 years, transfer to the TA whilst doing a Uni course for 3 years then transfer back into the regulars until i finish with a military life.

    It sounds like i would cause them more hassle than worth it :twisted: but hey, worth checking if its possible, as this would make me more confident about joining.

    Thanks, Sammyw.
  2. why not go uni after ???
  3. your never to old to learn
  4. why not go straight to TA and uni, then trabsfer to regs?
  5. The simple answer is: No, you cannot do that. You commit yourself to 4 years of service in the Regulars.

    You can sign up and join the Open University once you have reached your unit and worked out how much spare time you have. Or, as another poster suggested, serve for 4 years and then go up to university with all the dosh you have saved....

    Why not go to university and join the OTC or the TA? Or, apply for a bursary which means you have to join the OTC but you would be a wealthy student?!

  6. Id say go to uni and join a proper TA unit, not OTC. OTC is not the real army.
  7. Ive been in college for the past 2 years, if i was to go uni straight away id probably die :eek: . I need a rest from this type of education. I guess i could go after the 4 years, but ill probably change my mind during those 4 years anyway.
  8. Heres a plan.
    Take a gap year, find a job (if possible), join the TA for your gap year, then go to uni. if you like your unit and you wanna stay with them, do so throughout uni, otherwise transfer to UOTC, then finish uni in 3 years and go reg's?
  9. Accurately that sounds like a fairly good plan lampard :D thanks.

    Just a quick question about the TA whilst i'm here, how long do i need to train before i can go on operations?
  10. You do 6 training weekends, followed by a 2 week residential course, then trade training.
    then i think, before deployment, you have to pass a PFT and a CFT at the standard for your trade, along with all the pre-deployment training you get.
    But as a student you only go if you volunteer.
  11. Would i be able to go on operation during a summer break (8 weeks i believe) or any other type of travel during this break?
  12. depends on your units operational commitments, and i think it's highly unlikely that a tour would last only 8 weeks. you'll probably do your annual camp in summer break, and possibly some adventure training depends on your unit. if you just wanna work for a few weeks to earn some beer tokens, it may be possible to arrange some full time stuff with the unit, again depending on them.
  13. go to uni, get a degree whilst partying/shagging loose students and then join up as an officer. (unless you want to be a Tom)

    that's what i would do.