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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by SargeantToBe, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to throw a few questions out with regards to Education within the Intelligence Corps. I'm still researching and deciding on whether a position as an OPMI within the Int Corps is for me, but at the moment I'm confident it's a strong possibility that I'll be attempting to join within the next few months.

    One thing that is important to me is Education. In the brochure that I have, it mentioned very generically about the opportunity to get a Degree in Intelligence or Security Services.

    I would really appreciate anyone's input on this, but my questions are - being optimistic, let's say for example I'm successful with my Application and I'm now beginning Phase 2 Training at Chicksands. How would I go about obtaining a Degree, and how long would it last for exactly? Would it beginning at Phase 2 or would I have to have a certain rank such as Corporal?

    As said, I really really do appreciate all of your help on this. What I primarily want to focus on is becoming a Sargent and achieve a Degree with Intelligence before I leave.

    Thanks in advance and god bless,
  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    CR are you up to your old tricks again??
  3. Not quite the response I was looking for ... but I guess beggers' can't be choosers.

    Thanks, urh, for the useful information.

    The culture of this forum strikes me ... or should I say confuses me. As mentioned, I really would appreciate some helpful information on the questions I originally posted.

    If that's too much or if the culture is to continue to flame, abuse or just be sarcastic to curious folks, then please kindly show me the door and I'll kindly turn the lights off behind me.
  4. Learning to spel Sergeant and beggars korrectly would be a vital start to your edukation......
  5. Are you serious? Wow.

    Not a great way to make new users feel welcomed. This community is supposed to present the British Army, and what a great job you're doing by flaming, or in your case being pessimistic and sarcastic, which according to Wikipedia can be a form of mental bullying.

    It's a forum, an online community, a place for open discussion and the like. If you don't like what I write, then don't reply. If you're so intent on trying to belittle people then wear stilts or high heels with that blouse you have. I never knew the formality of what I write was being assessed and scrutinised...

    Don't worry. I'll show my self out.

    By the way, "InVinoVeritas" is misspelled incorrectly. I believe the word your looking for is "********".
  6. Sergeant to Be

    If you recall in my reply to your PM, I warned you what to expect ! There are a number of threads on this forum from potential recruits or transferees whose aspirations at joining the Corps have been set too high. Please take my advice and read these threads carefully, you will find amongst the personal jibes and attacks that there are others with some very sound advice. The simple advice given to you above about the correct spelling to be used is, contrary to what you believe, sound and relevant.
  7. On the note of educational opportunities in the corps, what qualifications can we actually gain through the corps?

    I ask because it came up in a discussion in the office earlier today and nobody seemed to have a clue.

  8. Let me get this straight, you had to look up Wikipedia to find out what pessimistic and sarcastic meant?
  9. No, fatboy69.

    Perhaps you should look up "providing a reputable reference", or at the least what "providing sources" means. To shine some light on those that aren't very good at interpreting, then it was a polite way of classing the individual as a bully.

    If you don't know what a bully is, then please Google it. I'll be more than happy to provide links for those that require it.

    I know there are some helpful and polite individuals on this forum. It's obviously clear the majority aren't active - whether they continue to lurk because of the possibility of getting flamed or just the general culture puts them off on contributing, I don't know - but I've been put off straight away.

    Once again HIGHLANDER_SPY, thank you for your input, it is appreciated. Your quite right when you mentioned to me about what I should I expect - reading some of the forums, I prepared myself.

    It really is striking at how these guys think - not much support or encouragement, in fact, nothing polite! Nothing was nasty in my OP, nothing. I'm a potential recruit. Just think back when you guys had bags of questions and was thinking of joining - the last thing you'd want is to be harassed by a bunch of Dogs whose bark is worse then their bite.

    If this is the sort of person the British Army turns you into, then count me out. But, once again HIGHLANDER_SPY, thank you and I'll definitely follow the advice in your PM!
  10. Young man, the British Army does not lower itself to bullying. The "flaming" you speak of is simply the manner in which squaddies educate each other. The intention is rarely to offend, and squaddies haven't really adopted the theory that bullying is determined by those offended rather than the manner in which the comments were intended.

    Learn yourself good.

    There are plenty of helpful and polite members, and some extremely knowledgable ones. The two don't necessarily go hand in hand. Trawl through the crap to find the gems. As it is, I doubt anybody lurks for fear of getting shot down. They simply don't post many questions because they've:

    a) Used the bloody search function
    b) Done their source appraisal and realised there are far more accurate arenas that an open forum, mainly inhabited by civvies.

    Don't be so bloody precious, you can't afford to be if you do decide to take the shilling.
  11. STB,

    K613 was attempting to see if you were an habitual poster and mod (CR) who has in the past successfully wound up several (myself inc) with posts. Your initial post and handle fit the bill. Unfortunately you came back with quite a snide post. Water, bridge etc

    For yourself and Crazyeyes, the Corps and Army as a whole can provide you with a very good education. The Army will pay for some elements of the OU and through your experience of working within the Corps you can qualify for a host of NVQ and C&Gs. Salford Uni also run a distance Masters that anyone can go for.

    As for this site and forum. This site is not an official British Army site, in fact it is only tolerated by the powers that be. That said, the majority of people who post on here are serving or ex-serving forces. We can be quite acerbic and grumpy twats. Learn to welcome it, don't take it too seriously and join in.
  12. I understand that perhaps I came in heavy footed - having seen some posts before hand, my initial opinion wasn't too highly rated, so I guess I fired to soon (no pun intended). But as you mentioned, water under the bridge.

    I really do appreciate the advice, so thank you. I've in fact just receive 6 prospectus's from the OU and plan on making a start with a Certificate of Higher Education, which I soon want to progress up to a Diploma, and then a Degree. Having a quick glance, the total cost would be around £3,250 - I'm sure funding that wouldn't be a problem if I am successfully enrolled in the Army as I'll qualify for financial support, but would I be able to start the courses whenever I like or is there a certain time period the Army recommends? I guess the more appropriate question would be does the Army offer support and encouragement for distance learning with the OU specifically?

    I don't think it would be a good idea to start during Phase 1 since the workload may take it's toll - once I'm used to Army life then I'll be able to go out full steam.

    On the OPMI Job Spec, it mentions "civilian qualifications up to degree level exists in Intelligence and Security Management as well as languages" ... would I be right in assuming they'll provide the support financially for certain courses with the OU?

    Once again Howayman, your advice really is appreciated. From now on, I'll try not to take anything too seriously, and take everything with a pinch of salt.

    Thanks again,
  13. I'll take your advice. Although, the search function could do with an upgrade! :)
  14. Once you get the rank of Sgt you can apply for City and Guilds quals in Int and CI. These start off at the equivalent of a foundation degree and the further up the food chain you get the higher the award you can apply for. All that's required is a CV and a letter from your Co sent to D INT. A red arsse like you might have to wait a few years though!
  15. If you are all members of the Corps, and none of you have a clue, I would say that you are all well qualified for a life of crystal ball gazing, wild arsed guessing, URINT and baffling people with references to JSP 440.

    Many of us on here didn't have a clue for years and had very successful careers in the Corps.