Education or Army?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ICantThinkOfAName, Jan 18, 2017.

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  1. I joined at 17 with 5 O levels. After JNCO Cadre went to RMAS at 20 and still in.
    Got overtaken by brighter more academic officers and seen the same with NCOs & WOs.
    Still had a fantastic and busy time though.
    Different world now though.
    Get educated.
    Get exceptionally fit.
    Get some experience under your belt before joining...
    And good luck!
  2. I would want to join the Infantry or the Royal Engineers or possibly join as an Officer but I want to ensure I do somthing in the Army that gives me a trade like enginering
  3. Overall I have came to the conclusion that joining after taking A - Levels, even though its not what I want is probably a better choice long term. Ive asked many people on here aswell as the school I go to and they all agree that school for now is best but im yet to go to the army carrers center which im going to on thursday so I will see what they have to say. Anyone know who normally work in the carrers centre like are they currently serving soilders?
  4. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Being a career civilian, I will rather cheekily give advice in a recruitment thread.

    At some point in life, if you decide to make the army your career, you will leave the army. It could be because you decide the army is not for you, injury, redundancy or a dozen other reasons. At that point, you're competing in the civilian job market.

    There, particularly when you are younger, qualifications count. They are used as a filter to screen out the no-hoper's from job applications. They'll ask you for A levels, a degree, proof of an apprenticeship and so on. If you can't put those into your job application, it'll end up straight in the bin. And then you'll end up working in McDonald's.

    Whatever you do, plan to get a fairly decent set of qualifications, whether before joining the army or while in it. They don't have to be academic qualifications; if you join a trade like (say) mechanical engineer, you will have skills that are portable into civilian life.

    Good luck to you if you want to join the army, but think through carefully to life beyond the army and make sure that whatever path in life you decide to follow, you pick up the qualifications on the way that will let you have a decent job/standard of living in the future.

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  5. I think education. If you're not fully committed to the army and it's not a 100% decision then you will find it hard and regret it in later life.
  6. Army? The army will help you with your education and you get a trade at the same time. Win win a!