Education or Army?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ICantThinkOfAName, Jan 18, 2017.

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  1. So a high quality apprenticeship wouldn't be?
  2. Every man and his dog has a degree now equally worthless unless very vocational?

  3. A worthwhile high quality apprenticeship will follow the NVQ/QCA system or whatever its called now, and probably lead to a Foundation Degree. University is an easy step from there.

    Aim high from the start - education is easier when you're young.
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  4. What im trying to say dont get over fixated with A levels and degrees....vocational qualifications go a long way..and hopefully will be in demand even more in the future
  5. There is another option which seems to have escaped the posters here.

    You can study A-levels at the Defence Sixth Form College at Welbeck, but they are quite focused on developing future technical and engineering officers. If you are strong in maths and science, it is worth considering.

    Home | Welbeck The Defence 6th Form College

    Applications for entrance in September 2017 are open now, at the time of writing.
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  6. Qualifications will make it much easier to get a (decent) job once you leave the Army, but that's not the only consideration. If 2 more years at school fills you with dread, join the Army. Personally, I'd have jumped off a bridge before signing up for sixth form.
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  7. Anyone know what (if any) quals you get from Harrogate? The website is vague.
  8. Bullying, Buggery and Bullshit. Oh, no, wait, that was while it was the Royal Signals Apprentices College, it's probably changed, since.
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  9. It depends on short or long course....short tradespeople...long combat arms....
  10. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    But it depends if he wants to be an officer and join a technical corps. If not on either count then of no use. There will also be a financial cost (depending on parents income) to take into account. And applications for the Sep 2017 are now closed (according to their site following the link you provided).
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  11. Welbeck isnt cheap unless your a single parent or unemployed
  12. One reason I didn't mention DSFC. The other being it isn't (except in name) Welbeck.

    If you want to go to a public school with a CCF, there are plenty about.
  13. If i was to go to A - Level I would do Phycology,Philosophy,History and Business so essentially subjects that wouldnt be desired for by Welbeck. The thought of 2 more years of school fills me with dread and I would honestly want to join at the end of my GCSEs but I know my parents would never allow me to join until the end of A - Levels. Anyone got any wise words that could convince my parents?
  14. Not really, certainly not from this callsign - I'd very strongly advise you to wait out, get your A Levels and then look at the Army. If nothing else, the potential range of employments will be much greater.
  15. What would you like to do in the army?