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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TartanTrooper, May 9, 2010.

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  1. Will i be able to get qualifications in the TA such as GCSEs or equivelent? or is the educational allowance only available to regular soldiers?
  2. Fairly sure you are not eligible unless you are mobilised or FTRS. You might be able to get SVQ / NVQ accreditation for some of your military skills, though.
  3. ok cheers :)
  4. The Basic Skills requirement is soon to be extended to the TA as part of selection (as per the Regulars) - by July I think. However, the 'rub' is that in true 'One Army' fashion, there is no facility for the TA soldier to be 'improved' by additional education within the Army construct.

    Their recommendation is that you toddle off to a FE college and help YOURSELF! On that basis, I think the answer to your question is 'No'.
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    All in all, it's just another brick in the wall.
  6. MT, I read that a few years ago. It also stated the entrance standards for regulars are a lot lower than the final standard of the trained recruit or put another way .... entrance standard can be Level 1 but the trained soldier would be level 2 or 3.
    Like you said their is 'no improvement' therefore TA entrance standards should be higher than the regulars.

    As for the original question. The only real qualification I've seen used is C+E/C or HGV driving qualification. If the vetting could be transferred then that's another possible qual, I've seen a couple of others use experience/quals related to vetting but MSR would delete them if I mention it. (My vetting helped me get me two job offers last week but that's from previous civvie job and I don't think the TA one can be used - although they are the same)
  7. p.s. I think army vetting must count for regulars leaving the forces not the TA. Not sure why but probably some rule about it's transference.
  8. It's no big secret that most of my unit use their TA vetting status in their civvie work - a certain crab has blogged / whined about it regularly and in much more explicit terms than I intend to. However, most of us would be entitled to civvie vetting anyway - individually under CLAS or CHECK or through a permanent employer (and some have it - I gave my Cheltenham clearances up because it was easier just managing things with DVA) but not necessarily to the same levels.

    Transference is an issue - you can't (and if anybody tries it causes admin problems) - it needs to remain with your military sponsor whereas, you are correct, if you leave either the regular or the TA to work for HMG or a List X company, they can transfer some bits of clearances across. However, DVA will confirm your clearance status to a (potential) employer's security controller. There are some additional complications - but this isn't the place to discuss them.
  9. Idrach,

    Lets just say I've finally followed some of your advice, I've started talking to your neighbours
  10. You can't get an allowance but certain education is available, level 1 & 2 literacy and numeracy which level 2 is apparently equivalent to GCSE and the ECDL (european computer driving licence) I'm sure theres more available so you need to contact your local AEC (army education centre) which incorporates learn direct to find out exactly what they can offer you, hope this helps.
  11. Which will be toured 2010.