Education in the Army.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by c.patton, May 22, 2013.

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  1. I am doing a study on education within the Army, Focusing specifically on learning technologies. Trying to gauge attitudes and get some pointers at the moment.

    Do you think that education is taken seriously in the British Army? Do we lag behind The Navy or The RAF? Do you think we are out of touch with what other nations are doing and their attitudes towards education?
    For the guys who have been through the education system in the Army, how was it? Positives/negatives.
    Do you think that the Army could be more proactive in harnessing learning technologies?

    I appreciate any feedback.
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  2. I've passed exams based on knowledge, that I know for sure I will never use again in my Army career. It was all for the qualification.
  3. I find it frustrating that although I have good quals in maths & English, They mean nothing to the education centre as you then have to do "army-fied" maths & English exams for your CLM.
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  4. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Let's keep this one constructive, please. Everyone could benefit from this type of research.
  5. Really? You've just re-defined the meaning of 'good'.
  6. That's interesting. What Literacy and Numeracy qualifications did you hold prior to joining the Army? What rank was this at, and how far along the CLM process where you? What do you mean by "army-fied". I know that the system has recently swapped from Basic Skills to Functional Skills in order to make things more "relevant".
  7. Smartboards are a something that I'm already looking at. Where was it you saw them being used as white boards? Has anyone seen them used effectively?
  8. Defence School of Intelligence.

    Gen Dit.

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  9. I have A-C Maths & English, however have to complete an assessment at my AEC before they will load me onto a Maths exam (SNCO CLM Pt 2b) the assessment proves that I can actually do maths (my GCSE proves this) The 2b exam then Army-fies the questions along the lines of: I have 3 trucks which can carry 1.5 tons each, I have 6.5 tons of kit to load, after filling the trucks what percentage of load remains?

    It's just fecking annoying! I have GCSE maths so let me crack on with CLM 3 you twats!

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  10. When I was in, the Army had an education allowance, which had to be the best kept secret in NATO. While I was based at Bulford, I did a couple of computer courses at the Royal British Legion Training College at Tidworth. CLAIT and IBT2, which were both a week long.

    I also did a one week course in Unix at Cambridge University, and started my Open University degree during my last couple of years.