Education facilities in Camp Bastion

Not sure this is the right forum, but here I am.

Off out to Helmand again later this year. As I am now of advanced years and in feeble health, I'll in all probability be making sure the Pizza Hut and EFI don't burn down for most of the time during my last tour (not sure how I feel about that really).

As an antidote to boredom, I was thinking about the possibility of doing a course or two whilst I'm out there. I vaguely remember there being a Learning Centre in Bastion a few years ago, but wasn't around long enough to check it out.

Anyone recently returned, or out there now, with first hand knowledge they could share? I'd like to know if it's still there and, if so, what sort of courses are available. Cheers chaps.
Definitely still there i saw it in December but not sure what level of courses they do or whether it is all based around CLM and career courses. Definitely an AEC there though.

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