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Education ... Education ... Education

Oops, must have the wrong room.  Nobody seems to want to be here.  Must be like an EFP then.

Although I must admit I did really enjoy getting wasted and sunning myself in Split courtesy of ETS.


War Hero
Come back BIT trained, hard nosed RMAS instructors!  All is forgiven!

I have had the displeasure of attending several Civi courses recently.  They somehow manage to make 4x 45min periods spread over 5 days.

EDIP Rules!!
Too much education can make jack a dull and pi*sed off bloke ?

Junior NCO Cadre

What next Civillian MQC ???
i noticed that you still cant as you teach ADS on EFP 1.  For all the old school who still hold on to EPC ideals.  Move on and stop taking up posts within regiments and let us young thrusters through.  


i noticed that you still cant as you teach ADS on EFP 1.   
I'm amazed-I thought you slept through all those lessons-it certainly looked like it from your results ;-)

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