Education, education, education - thus spake a liar!


Soldiers have always needed their education 'topping up', therefore there is no need to make a meal of the fact.

In Britain today it is unusual to find a young person, of the age to join the Army, who is fully literate and numerate. Ask the banks, the building societies and other organisations requiring staff - it is a nigh on impossible task.

Why is this? Two reasons. Firstly, the constant interference by government in educational matters. Secondly, the break-down of the normality of a two parent, married, differing gender, family home. This second to be coupled with the loutish and wholly irresponsible behaviour of many parents.

Despair. Despair, until we have a political figure in charge of this country who is prepared to make unpopular decisions and to take action against the odious Bliar society the last twelve years have spawned.

"Education, education, education" - my arrse!!!!
Keep the masses ill educated, keep them dependent of state benefits, keep them addicted to reality TV, the new opiate of the masses... most important of all, keep them from thinking.
The Army School at Beaconsfield certainly used to do a cracking job. But it exposed the mess. If they could help a soldier become literate in 14 weeks then what on earth is going on in the edumacashun system?

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