Education, Education, Education! - Lying Labour Cnuts!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. Just been discussing education with my 11 year old and she said they weren't allowed to read any of the Harry Potter novels at school because they were too violent. I asked what they had learnt about the Romans, Vikings, WWI and WWII.

    Total sum of fek all apparently.

    Indeed her teacher told her straight... they are not allowed to teach them about the true horrors of war because the Labour Government won't allow it. All they were allowed to teach them about WWII was that during that time... some children were evacuated to safer places.

    FFS... good job I took the time with both my kids to explain much more

    Here's a pic of my daughter last year.


    I remember taking her brother to the same spot when he was only 6 and he said "I hate Germans". I then took him to the German cemetery nearby.

    The thing that's really getting up my nostrils is the complete and utter mamby pambying about by this Labour bunch of wet w@nkers... barely a day goes by now without me finding out something else about these watered down Trotsky Tw@ts that makes my blood boil.
  2. BB, I don't think you'll find many people disagreeing with any of that. What grips my grunions is that I'm beginning to loathe this bloody country now, and that's largely thanks to the aforementioned Trotskyite filth in charge.

    If Zanu NL get in at the next election, then we are truly beyond any hope.
  3. I work in a school and I'm also a school governor. The amount of new policies, directives, initiatives and other assorted cr@p this government sends out to schools is of biblical proportions. By the time the Headteacher, and teachers have sorted it all out I'm surprised there's any time left for teaching.
  4. Can't the RAF have a slight ND over no 10?

    Oops sorry we were aiming at AFG

    Just a thought..
  5. That's why I educate my kids at home...
  6. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    And that is why I will never be a teacher. And I tried it. By god I tried. 2 years training in and I now understand EXACTLY what is meant by MCM Div (check link).
  7. My kids school went off to Ypres for a visit, not a bad show for a "progressive" school with a Labour council. They did fuck up though by not taking a wreath despite going out there at the start of November.
  8. I agree in full, but as long as people do not blame the teachers, my wife is one and has been for many years, she pi55es herself at that advert on tv "those who can ,teach" it's crap, there is no area for individual teaching style anymore, no room for fervour and inspiration. Just guidelines and things you have to meet, fcuk the kids its just statistics.
    Most of the teachers that I know hate the way they have become slaves to the government, rather than working with. People are being encouraged into starting teaching, good, yes we need teachers but what are they going to be taught? We are softly slipping into a Brave New World (apologies Mr Huxley)

    All and all it's just another brick in the wall.............
  9. She has all my sympathy mate. Must be completely depressing having to address kids with... sorry we're not allowed to teach you about that... go ask your parents.

    Imagine saying that to kids with Mr and Mrs Chav as parents.
  10. "Education education education" has gone the same way as "Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime" ... it's all slogans and soundbites that mean the square root of fcuk all now.
  11. My Mum retired from teaching a few years ago, she really enjoyed her job but noted that there was a decline in "Education" since the end of the 90's. A massive difference was the amount of mentaly unstable kids being foustered onto the school system. Labour has pushed the "enclusion" theory which has ment most of the special needs schools/builds have been sold off for flats. The increase in "Chucky's"* in the class room means that the teachers spend most of their time dealing with disruptions and not teaching.
    The simple solution is to sift through the schools and take out all the nut job pupils and send them to special schools or if they're criminals, borstals. It worked in the past.

    Lucky for me I was always encouraged to open a book and read or go off to a museum. It's a two way street, parents must educate their kids as well as the schools.

    *Chucky = Child who looks normal but is mental and evil.
  12. Aye LVH

    Absolutely... parenting is about educating too. Both my kids are well educated, the 11 yr old is particularly bright, she reads books way beyond her years and has a remarkable memory (once seen never forgotten). She is able to take in just about any kind of information and deal with it. She also recognises that in this last year of her junior school, those kids are who are advanced are not being challenged... but those kids who are behind are being focussed on. There is nothing in Labour's education, education, education system for intelligent kids.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    My missus has been banging on about potentially moving location to get my daughter into a decent primary catchment area. I've put her right on a couple of points - the main one being that her education is mostly OUR responsibility.

    Sky-fairy help anyone who thinks it's just the job of the school, or that mistakes the school makes can't be put right in no short order by parents.
  14. Just thought I should make myself perfectly clear on this issue. (not to anyone in particular) just generalising.

    We (my family) are very lucky, we live in an area with excellent schools, brilliant teachers and the vast majority of local people are quality. My only gripe is with the bullsh1t restrictions being imposed by the Labour Gov. When I went to school, if a teacher was teaching a particular subject and I found myself a bit flummoxed... I asked the teacher for details... the teacher explained and assisted my understanding. They most certainly did not expound the bullsh1t Labour policy on the restrictions of educating children with something like - I'm not allowed to teach the facts.... but here's the Gov policy section by sub-section.

    It's things like this that make me really hate this bunch of Labour cnuts.
  15. If it didn't happen under Zanu Liarbore then it didn't happen.