Education, education, education... (again)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ExplodingTrousers, Dec 5, 2007.

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    Now I'm no teacher, but this made me wonder. Why is there such room for failure when nationally mandated standards - and thence league tables - are supposedly all-important? Does this apparent paradox have a name?

    Today's 16 year-olds would have been 6 years old when this lot came to power. Do we need longer to see how successful - or not - they have been?

    Put another way; whom do our much-spun educational standards really serve?
  2. They certainly don't serve the kids or the teachers - education has become about measurable standards which bear little or no relation to real education. A consequence of the "tick box" culture where targets are more important than results - the same thing is happening across all public services.
  3. Why would anyone be surprised at this?
    They change the way that teachers teach in school almost every term.
    Back to this, back to that, round and round in circles, this initiative, that initiative, look what we are doing to this, look what we are doing to that.
    Its all a total load of BOLLOX.

    I have a message to the education authority, or whoever decides all this bollox policy:-

  4. Being in school myself, the quality of maths teachers is poor. We have one teacher who has serious hygiene problems as well as not being able to control a class.

    Want to learn, just can't.
  5. He wouldn't be a real maths teacher if he didn't have personal hygiene problems. I remember mine was a right ol' genetic misprint... which goes some way to explain why I'm an innumerate mong... though I do make up for it in other areas.
  6. She made her room smell so bad that even with windows wide open it made people gag, people won't ask for help because the smell is so terrible.