Education and Training in the Military for the Officer Corps

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I hope I catch you well at the moment and thanks for linking in. I am currently wrapped up in researching a PhD. I am studying the level of training and education within the military and whether poor investment into education is having a detrimental effect on the cognitive adaptability of the Officer Corps. Given the state of the COE, this is a critical element of the military's ability to perform at a multi-level situation, in a multi-agency congested environment.

Your help would be greatly appreciated and I promise it will only take 5 minutes online. The link is:

I do hope you will take the time to conduct this research and please may I be so bold as to request that you also invite others you know to complete it. I thank you in advance for your time. If you are looking at other options have you considered Network Rail, they have an actual site for service leavers.

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Those are worryingly loaded questions for a Ph.D student. I understand that you would like to see more Officer education (because you wouldn't pick that topic if you didn't) but that questionnaire doesn't seem like impartial research, more like ammunition for a predetermined argument. You're also a bit late to the party; have a look at the Project 21 paper if you haven't already.

That being said, I'd be very interested to read your thesis if you actually manage to come up with even the vaguest proof that doing extra degrees actually makes us better at our job. There's no reason why it should do and I'm yet to see a real justification other than 'it must do because it develops you intellectually'. Given that many Army Officers don't really have the mental horsepower to do a proper masters (or a proper PhD!), I struggle to see what the army can get out of increased education that isn't already achieved by us sending the brightest Lt Cols on the Cambridge IR programme.

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This guy has an agenda and his persec is shite. He is all over LinkedIn with his views. I must admit, I thought he was an Aussie, not Irish. He's got a chip on both shoulders.