Education and Learning Credits

I have been told that I am entitled to around £160 per year for doing courses.

I got qualified as an AT instructor but cannot get the money back for the courses even though they were run by the Army.

Apparently there is some form you have to fill in BEFORE you complete the course. Neither my RAO or the COurse Organiser told me this and therefore the AEC won't give me what apparently is mine.

The Army makes a big deal about looking after its own, yet why this mafia to keep money that they advertise?

The normal procedure is:
1. To fill in an Annex to some LANDSO (apologies for not giving number, someone can probably help here) which then goes to your local Education Centre. That registers your wish to do the course.
2. On completion of course, you provide certificate of completion AND proof of payment, and you then fill out a AF 09578 which is processed through your AEC (who should have the forms). You will then get 80% of the fees up to a max of £175 in any financial year.

It's a bit of a pain but if you do that, money is better in your pocket. The problem you may have is trying to do all that retrospectively. It will depend really on how wilco your AEC is. Also, not sure about you saying it is an Army course. If it was an Army course, why did you pay? If it wasn't course fees, it may be a sticking point. If you can get the LANDSO number, try looking on the LANDSO as there may also be something about AT courses.

I admit the procedure is not laid down really well, but I must admit the system does work if you follow what I have said above. Hope this helps.

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