educating sluggy

Yeah. Fascinating. Thank you for your contributions. It has been emotional and I have learned much, you know?

So, moving on... it is obviously going to kick off between my dear sister and her stalker Jumpinjarhead. They will both be in close personal proximity shortly, assuming my Sister does not have one of her 'episodes' at the airport, and the fucking Septic doesn't call upon his assets...

So, in a car park rammy... who would win?

My sister?

Or baldy?
JJH clearly! He knows all he has to do at signs of trouble is mention smelly cocker spaniels and the lass will dissolve in tears.
It's alright, I'm taking my laptop and a couple of pens just in case anyone gets really chopsie.

Oh no! Please do not resort to the use of harsh fonts!
]And internet access[/B]?

FFS, it is a civilized country. The internet was created by Al Gore* who is from Tennessee which is just a hop and a skip north of JJH's place.

*(it has to be true, he's a Democrat and they would never lie to us. The news media tell us so.)
Slug, when you get to meet JJH's law enforcement associates, it's only natural that you'll want to see their identification.

But do not say "Would you like to see mine? It's a bit rusty..."


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I am somewhat concerned for The Dear Sister. Her comms never make much sense but just lately she has emailed me to say she is shooting in a sunny place and is happy, but the sun glints off of the shiny bald head of her new chum. And this puts her off of her aim.

I suggested she paint the shiny bald head of her new chum black.

Sis says she tried that but things went missing, people got mugged on their way out and cars got stolen.

I have warned my dear sister about going down south. Jesus. Family, eh?
You should worry more about the prospect of having a brother-in-law called Mongo.

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