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Well, I'm never worrying again about not getting enough soldiery stuff (re my previous thread).....

I've just met my new OC and he's dropped me in the deep end as the troop leader of our support troop. Being a medical cadet, I get a lovely little pip, but no officer training.
My troop sgt is taking me under his wing, he's used to training young officers up - he's now my bestist friend, I'm basically sticking to him like glue come the new year, and learning everything I can.

However, I do feel I should try and get myself as far up to scratch as I can before we start training in earnest after new year, and I'd never presume I know all there is to know about being a good officer (although I think I've some idea) - so can anyone point me in the direction of some good reading, or offer some good advice?

Thanks in advance!!

Wyv x
“To rule truly is to serve.” I Ching

“It is in giving that we receive.” Saint Francis of Assisi

“If you want to be happy, be giving.” Upanishads

Perhaps best summarised as 'Serve to Lead'...

(...oh and don't forget that you know sod all at first; that respect is a two way street; never get your lads to do something you wouldn't; always be honest, firm and fair in your dealings with your subordinates; trust is earned, not bought; and never lose sight of the fact that command of British soldiers is the highest privilege that can be afforded mortal man. And have fun!)


BaldricksBullet said:

Piece of advice No1.... don't sign your name with a drunken shakey cross or a kiss.

:oops: oopss... girly habits slipping through there, lol! Suppose I'd better leave that behind along with random hugs and occasional girly squeaks at cute things :wink:
Though it was always funny to see my Sgt Maj's face when I did such things as a tpr :D

Edited to add:
...just ordered 'Defeat into Victory', will read it over Christmas.


War Hero
Wyv try and avoid the mistake that most of my contempories (at least only the female ones) have made of sleeping with your Troop Sgt......
And whatever you do... over and above Mac's good advice...

Don't try to be popular. Your soldiers need a leader who is honest and fair... who can also listen to advice but stand on her own two feet. Respect each of your soldiers for the qualities they offer and find out what they are (by finding out who they are). Talk straight to them and not about them... and hopefully, when they're ratted, and tell you you're the best officer they ever had... it'll be true. Serve to Lead.

Best of luck,- C
Having read your thread I find most of the info being given spot on
So im wondering what happens between this advice and tipping up on parade :? as so few actually do any of the advice offered 8O
Proximo can you be my next boss as you seem to have this officer malarky nailed :D :wink:
laters :lol:
Care not whether they love or hate you, only let them fear you
(Duke of Wellington style-y)

For your initial parade with new Tp - "Well you don't know wood from canvass and you obviously don't want to learn..but i'll teach you"
(Capt. Bligh, HMS Bounty attrib.) closely followed by muttering "Them as dies will be the lucky ones..mwa-hah-ha."


Prance up and down in front of your assembled soldiery singing (in as camp as Gary glitter style as you can manage) "D'ja wannna be in my gang, my gang?"

Should set things off at the right note I feel.

(note:Cuddles Military Academy is not a registered trademark of the RMAS)



The best advice I can give you is do be physically fit. There is nothing worse than having to witness a young officer huffing and puffing at the back of a squad. Also its a good way to quickly earn a bit of respect. 'He might be abit of a military muppet who can't dress properly but he can run' is one quote I've heard between troops when discussing their new troopie - and before I get any comments - NO it wasn't me!

Lead by example - in all manner of your work and play

roll your sleeves up if you need to

go for a drink, but dont get drunk with your team - gracefully retire after one or two
BaldricksBullet said:
Read Field Marshal Slim...

I took one look at them and thought "My God, they're worse than I supposed." then I saw why. I walked round the corner of that clearing and I saw officers making themselves a bivouac. They were just as exhausted as their men, but that isn't my point. Officers are there to lead. I tell you, therefore, as officers, that you will neither eat, nor drink, nor sleep, nor smoke, nor even sit down until you have personally seen that your men have done those things. If you will do this for them, they will follow you to the end of the world. And, if you do not, I will break you.

Seems to be pretty good advice to anyone in a command position.

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