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Reference Image Eduard's 36162 1/35 scale WWII Radio Equipment - Wehrmacht


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Eduard 36162 - 1/35 Radio Equipment WWII Wehrmacht

Eduard Model Accessories is a Czech manufacturer of plastic models and finescale model accessories. Formed in 1989 in the city of Most, Eduard began in a rented cellar as a manufacturer of photo-etched brass model components. Following the success of their early products, the company branched off into plastic models in 1993. As of 2006, Eduard's product line contained some 30 plastic kits and more than 800 individual photo-etched detail sets. To the plastic modeller community at large, Eduard has become a household word in the field of photo-etched parts, and their products are available worldwide.
The well known PE manufacturer, has released a set of German World War Two radios, the set covers the Torn FU D2, Torn Fu B1, Fu 11, and Fu 9. Field and command post radios are not seen that commonly except for those mounted in AFV’s, and this set helps to fill a much-needed gap in the market.

This set is packaged in the usual plastic sleeve with two card stiffeners inside helping to prevent bending and thus damage to the PE frets.Inside you will find:
• Two photo-etched coloured frets
• A set of instructions

The two photo-etched frets are 0.13mm thick which will make it easy to bend to shape, and as they are printed/coloured it is only a case of assembling the parts to get the finished product. The radio cases are all supplied in a variety of shades of brown. Whether this was done deliberately or not remains to be seen. As I researched the various radios in the set, those I found were certainly compatible with those in the set, but colour differences show brown, grey and even black case colours. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule so therefore there is freedom to paint them whatever coloured desired.

Each of the radios can be assembled ready to use or closed up for transport, and I believe there are enough parts to show each of the radios in both set-ups. The dials, knobs, and faces are all accurately replicated on those radios I was able to find, and so I have no doubt that the other radios will also be accurate.
Included with the radio sets are head phones, desk microphones, and other paraphernalia associated with signalling. One thing missing from this set is the wire to connect everything together and the square plastic rod spacers for attaching the radio fronts to the cases.

This is a good, solid release from Eduard which I am positive will be of great use to those modellers who like to make their dioramas as realistic as possible, or who like to add a focal point to their models/dioramas. I haven't found any obvious faults with the set and the minor inconvenience of not including the wire within the set cannot really be called a weakness of a fault. I find sewing thread covers this perfectly.

Eduard make some excellent accessory packs for the model-maker, and long may they continue. Their attention to detail makes our work easier and better.

Retails for around £14.99
Five out of Five