So other than JPA does anyone have experience in working with/for EDS? I'm in the middle of the recruitment process (infrastructure rather than soft development) but interested to hear what things are like in there from the horsesmouth. Depending how things turn out I may sell my body to Accenture, Tietoenator or somesuch place.
Have worked their recently and would recommend you try somewhere else. I don't know any of the perm staff who have had any training or a reasonable pay rise in the last two years, if you want a place to increase your skills or have job satisfaction EDS isnt the place for you.
"E"very "D"ay "S"ucks - I'm currently working with them as a PM contractor. There is little or no leadership and even less get up and go from the Project Mangers. Also I've been advised to make no mention of EDS on my CV.
I would try for a job somewhere else before coming to EDS.
We use EDS at our Head Office in Austria, wouldn't bother if I was you.

IT Press in UK is always slating EDS for UK Govenment contracts running overbudget.

I was offered a job with them approx. 8 years ago. Glad I didn't take it!
I did some work at Worty Down for EDS and back up what has been said, seriously disorganised. I was there working on the machines for most of the day when they realised they hadn't reported me into Security, lucky for them i had SC ortherwise shiite would of hit the fan

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