EDs to become Instill Techs

Ive heard a nasty little romour that all the ed's are going to be either put into depos or re traded, if any one whos in the know could shed some light
Ok to dispell or clarify this rumour.

Looking ahead the Corps has identified that there could be a supervisory role for the Inst Tech, a Supvr Networks as such. Seeing as we provide the physical element to voice and data networks and connectivity be it Fibre or Copper especially as there is no alternative tradesman throughout the 3 services.

Moving on from there it has been noticed that as part of our planning skills and I would dare to say no other tradesman within the Corps specialises in Network planning more than the Inst Tech (as part of their role) they would benefit from having an electrical qual such as the 16th edition wiring regs (to be gained on their Class 1). we already have to deal with IDA etc and part of that has to deal with socket layouts, fixed fused spurs etc

Now while everyone is chewing the fat and throwing ideas about there was a weak and I stress weak link about joining the ED and Inst Tech Class 1 together. This would allow the ED to move towards a Supvr route too. However this would be fatal in that any ED wishing to be succesful would not have the specialist Fibre and data cabling courses, the static underground copper and overhead distribution skills + experience and would be hard pushed to do well (and be employable within the field)

Now I am not dissing ED`s they are good guys and good at what they do. A few have already made the jump to Inst Tech (although sadly they have failed to impress, something about welfare and being a knob anyway I digress) Too busy looking a for a route into High band!

My main worry is that people who could be pushing this idea forward have no real concept of what both trades do and are doing it for selfish reasons only, Hey this is how we ended up in poo creek anyway. Again some would happily sign away everything just to get a route to WO2, tut tut gents have some pride.

Also there has been talk about splitting the ED into 2 (and this is where I believe your idea is coming from)
The part of generators and battery maint in the workshop and node power distribution would be moved toward the Driver Lineman. The local distribution of power (as in deployed HQ) and its planning would be moved into the Inst Tech role. This would see a route for existing ED`s to goe either way dependant on maths, skill experience etc

This is more likely but it is still early days and if one of the overseers who are mixing the pot get my blessed trade wrong yet again well honestly they should be sacked this time and not promoted.

So there you go.
Thanks for the info, im working with the TA and have been out of the loop but keep hearing rumours from mates back at proper units, still thanks
Disco hit the nail on the head.

That's a great idea - the 'cable infrastructure/clerk of works/installation design authority' supervisory trade. it's well overdue and means that top quality inst techs SNCOs don't have to change trade to boots'n'haircuts, wasting all that training.

It's a step in the right direction. It will make things a bit more tricky recruiting RDs though surely?

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