EDS do it again!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 8esar, Apr 18, 2003.

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  1. Just seen on the news that the Child tax credits have been bug*ered up by guess who?

    You got it! EDS - will they ever learn :'(
  2. Why the fcuk is HMG still using these clowns?
  3. Hmmm who are the alternatives? ah, yes..... Capita Business Mis-services.... Great Choice....

    As an anti-outsourcing voter, I cannot allow for ANY mistakes made by outsourced uninformed, over-turnovered institutions handling the futures of ANYONE, let alone service folk.
  4. Its not just EDS, look at the cluster fcuk Sodexho are, and their bloody french!!!
  5. The reason EDS are fcuking all our systems up is twofold:

        1. All the so called xperts are ex military and dont have a clue.

        2. All the people up high in the company are all ex Brigadier and above and are still in receipt of back-handers from the MOD

    I work with them on a daily basis and I make sure that they know they are crap and I make a point of telling their bosses they are crap....................they hate  it..............I love it.....................wnakers
  6. Thanks Nato

    I did ask the question sometime ago, after the "just in time" fiasco/scandal/expensive fcuk up

    Programmer mate of mine said "Why didn't they just licence the one Tesco's built?"
  7. I would worry about the civil service guys who handle the contracts and dish them out to the same company time and again after at least a couple of clusterf**ks at each and every year end.( of course the company is USA owned I believe)

    I know someone who is a system engineer and he makes more money on call-outs during "silent hours" than he does from his basic pay. due to to many "old boy  networked" guys not having a clue on how to work the systems, only know about windows apparently and nothing on unix based systems etc..
  8. I'v worked with quite a few EDS guys on the systems side during GP3 trials. It was unique to see EDS laughing at BAE systems because their product was the fcuk up!!!

    EDS is US owned. I believe that one of the high up polititians owns a large chunk of it. Its also in alot of financial trouble, surprising when their charging over 9 grand for an Enhanced Liaison Computer!!
  9. Could I have a few more replies so I can print this and show it to the ASM.......................and the Project Manager at my place..............I hate them with a passion and have declined jobs on many occasions with them...............cant wait for they go under..............which will never happen as they are all in the pockets of senior MOD and Political figures !
  10. But here is another chain of thought....

    Why do we employ EDS?  Possibly because we got rid of all of our own military developers, programmers, engineers and out-sourced this work becaused Government thought it was cheaper (Thatch-Major era).  Having people in green doing it when they could be better employed in more military traditional roles was thought as being wrong, however when we took the green element out we also took out the business knowledge, and the only people who now have that military business knowledge & commerical knowledge are people like EDS & BAE, therefore to go and employ somebody else means years of them understanding our business/way of doing things.

    Summary is; BAE & EDS are now too deeply entwined in our workings and we would suffer too much to change - its our own fault!!
  11. BS - your right about how entwined EDS is, it runs the computers for the Inland Revenue  in this country as well. So think of all the civil service guys who are on cushy numbers working with them as well..

    more bleedin back handers than Boris Becker
  13. Probably true in some cases, but when I've worked with the military its very ackward to get the requirements out of them.
    When they do put the requirements accross (normally via a SNCO), they interferre so much; you have to factor this buggeration into the project costs.
  14. Sad but true - and then the rapid turnover of military personnel and the need to get a tick in the box during their tour means yet more change for the sake of a good evaluation. And change costs - a lot. It's where BAE et al make their money and helps them wriggle out of problems.
  15. Because civil servants are both ignorant and arrogant. Ignorant in that they don't understand that a solution can be transferred across, arrogant in that they tink that their problem has to be solved by a unique bespoke system.