Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by GrumpyGit, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Sunday Telegraph (7 Jan 07).
    "An impending strike by staff at EDS, the IT firm, is threatening to disrupt the pay of Army, Navy and RAF Personnel.
    Hundreds of members of the PCS, the biggest civil service union, have voted by an overwhelming 93.5 per cent to take industrial action over pay and conditions at the Armed Forces Pay Administration Agency in Glasgow.
    Strike action may be designed to coincide with the transfer of Army personnel to the JPA computer system (i.e. 19 Mar 07)".

    As if our pay isn't cocked up enough now this! Of course:

    "Contingency plans are in place for any industrial action and Armed Forces' pay would not be disrupted, said a spokesman".

    Oh Yeah, really believe that.
  2. The Happy (maybe not) face of outsourcing ?
  3. If it is performance related pay they are complaining about, maybe they should think about getting their act together and stop making so many mistakes.

    Definitely not bitter & twisted
  4. Poor Torygraph reporting through. "Army" EDS Pay Staff? Not quite. And the problem with Booties Bonuses was nothing to do with JPA, it was poor interpretation and briefing of the regulations.

    However, the threat of JPA has been hanging over the Army for long enough now. The RAF suffered with the first transition, the RN have had a few teething problems, and the Army are almost guaranteed to have their pay royally fcuked over.

    For the EDS staff to now threaten, effectively, to hold the Government to ransom by cocking with military pay should provide a wake-up call for all this outsourcing that is taking place. EDS - Every Day Screwups - this is what happens when Tony is more concerned with booking his holidays at the homes of the BeeGees rather than taking an interest in the Forces that he deploys around the world. I bet he spends more time choosing his suntan factor than worrying about people in uniform.
  5. I do hate to side with the big boys, but every so often, the facts start to get so warped that I feel they need some one to stand upo for them.

    Firstly EDS and JPA, yes EDS has lots of problems, but JPA was and MOD project that had been in the pipeline and project phase for a long time at Worthy Down, all staffed by Military personell living in a dream world. I had a personal conversation with the Director JPA back in 2000 when his team first formed, its the MOD's idea, its them who were living in cloud cuckoo land to think that everything would "harmonise" nicely and an "off the shelf package" was the answer toi everyones dreams. If EDS are guilty of anything its being so greedy as to pick up the "shitty stick". After all the analysis etc was done, EDS were awarded the contract to "implement" everything the MOD boys had "planned".

    As to the EDS staff striking. They are individuals, being screwed over by EDS who are moving people left right and centre in order to try and keep JPA on track. EDS do not want a strike, the fines they face if pay goes wrong are horrendous. To lump the EDS staff in the same group as EDS, is like someone telling everyone on Arsee they are Tony Blair supporteres because we go and fight his wars in Iraq etc. EDS staff and EDS management/corperate are totally seperate things
  6. Yeah, its not EDS' fault, its the contractors.......... :D :D
  7. Get back in your box you! Hows life at the dull end? :(
  8. Extremely Dull!! Never mind, this time next year I will be a civi (nearly).
  9. Trouble is that the forces won't really notice the change for them being on strike and working normally :lol: :lol:

    I have seen more life in a tramps underpants than observed at Glasgow :p

  10. I say Cash Pay all Service Personnel, all refunds and charges run manually, medals produced locally and sack the lot of em.

    Pay Correct, Sir/Salute/turn to the right and bugger off!!!!!!
  11. oldbaldy

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    Oh happy days of seeing the paying officer sweat if his cash didn't balance.
    & not so much bugger off as go & see the CQMS at the next desk.
  12. For those who can remember see my avatar left.
  13. At Ease

    Please enlighten us with a slightly larger copy.

  14. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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  15. So its the MOD's fault that EDS are going to strike then? 8O For tendering out a requirement/contract to a company that said they could do it? :?

    Finally the MOD are getting a grip of managing contracts correctly - part of the reason things have been going wrong with previous contracts was the lack of penalty clauses - these are a neccessary evil.

    However, I do sympathise with the majority of EDS employees - to be fair they didnt bid for the contract but ultimately are responsible for ensuring it works. - So lets hope they do the best they can given the situation as we do to sort out Tonys blunders!