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Early Day Motion put forward in the Commons, quite a popular one too - it supports equal pensions for ex-serving 'regardless of when they served in Her Majesty's Forces'.

Is this directly referring to the old Gurkhas who weren't included in the new pensions deal? If so, why not mention them specifically in the EDM, or is there a service-wide pension inequality along the same lines of which I'm unaware?

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This is to do with the fact that anyone who was demobbed before 1975 and had not completed 22 years service is not entitled to any pension . My case for example, I served from 1958 to 1973 and do not receive any army pension. Their is a class action being taken to the European Court after a High Court judge in the UK agreed that pay rates had been lowered to provide for a pension but it was only payable to those who did 22. The Gurkha issue is a seperate matter altogether as they do get pensions based on length of time served , the problem being inn their case the level of pension.

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