EDM 1134 - Treatment Of Non-British Service Families

I've already posted this on []Rum Ration[/]... here's the same thing for all you pongo types... :)

EDM 1134


Harvey, Nick; and
Russell, Bob
Rennie, Willie
Huhne, Chris
Davey, Edward
Foster, Don

That this House recognises the considerable sacrifices made by the spouses and children of armed forces and other service personnel for this country; notes with concern that many non-British members of service families are being denied citizenship or leave to remain in this country; further notes that these service personnel and their families regard themselves as British, have built a life in Britain and in many cases have children who are British citizens; reminds the Government of its `duty of care' towards service families under the military covenant; and urges the Government to reconsider its position towards service families wishing to remain in the country for which they have sacrificed so much.

source: http://edmi.parliament.uk/EDMi/EDMDetails.aspx?EDMID=35354&SESSION=891

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