Edlington. Further proof of a hollow Britain?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. Two feral predators, who started out as two yobs, uncontrolled by their drug addled and feckless mother (who sh4t out several kids) are beginning their life of nintendos and trips to Kenya to "discover themselves".

    But does this latest tragic farce not reveal yet more about UK?

    The two yobs (11 and 12) were NEVER disciplined in any meaningful way.

    Despite coming to the attention of the Police several times, despite a similar attack occuring only a week prior to the attack that has eventually got them banged up.

    Both came to the attention of social services who again did nothing.

    When WILL the liberal elite finally wake up and realise that firm, clear and robustly enforced lines inthe sand work. Not this wishy washy, have we a target for "predatorial children? No, oh, well let's get some more motorists atyle policing and social care.

    Why weren't these little scroate bags banged up the moment they started abusing hte Iraqi family next door? Which at one point included stones being thrown at a mother and a 3 year old, drawing blood. That's assault right there surely?

    Words fcuking fail me they really do.

    Sod the nintendos, priavte education and trips to discover their egos or whatever, the three kids and the Iraqi Kurdish family need those.

    If we could hang them, I would call for it, but we can't. Put them in a cell and leave them to rot.

    Before we end up with another Bulger style incident.

    The Times Edlington horror: boys aged 10 and 12 admit torturing children 4th Sept 2009

    And we need to do away with this beleif that they were children and didn't know what they were doing.

    B0110cks. You don't leave a child on a railway line in order to get rid of the evidence (Bulger) and you don't bring a sink on to a childs head just for sh1ts and giggles (Edlington). Not after all the rest of the obscenity they had already committed.

    Try them adults, and allow the full force (if we can get around to mustering it) of the law to punish these feral scum.

    And while we're at it, can we take the other two children (the fifth is already in a YOI for mugging old ladies) in to care so that they don't get damaged. And bang up the 'mother' and 'father'.

    As for the police and ss, i am sure lessons will be learnt blah, blah, blah.
  2. Old enough and bad enough to do the crime, old enough and bad enough to do the time.
  3. I know I've banged on about it before,but it's the umpteenth example of how we have been ruled by political cowards for too long.All done in accordance with the sacred cowards' mantra,which reads something like this:
    Tighten the screw on those you can control(but only the easy ones,mind),OR run away from/suck up to those you can't or can't be bothered to. :roll:

    I rest my case.
  4. It's not as simple as that.

    Children are not born evil!

    It's the scum that bring them up, and the incompetent officials who fail to step in at the right time, that are to blame for allowing kids to get this far outside of the acceptable range of child behaviour.
  5. Some people are born evil, however, if the parents are responsible for the evil conduct of their feral offspring then logic states that they should bear equal guilt for their actions.

    I'm afraid rehabilitation doesn't work so removal of all of them from the gene pool would seem the logical option.

    I can guarantee the crime levels would massively reduce as they wouldn't re-offend.
  6. They are only kids for gods sake, I once forced fed Damien Rycroft a dog sh*t sandwich and set fire to his Kappa tracksuit in front of a load of girls....we have laughed about it since
  7. True, but what can you do when women out there are earning a good wedge from lying back and popping out bairns all over the place?

    What can you do when there is no incentive to look after your spawn?

    ANd what can you do when repeated offences are just dealt with in a trivial manner?

    Are these two scum human or merely similar to us? In which case should these animals have been dealt with the same as a pitbull who has attacked a child?

    Afterall pitbulls are not born evil either, they are nurtured just as much as kiddies.
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Maybe not in the biblical sense, but you get nasty, malicious little feckers in all creeds and classes of upbringing. I got suspended from school for a week for battering a kid who kicked a cat, cruelty just pi$$ed me off, he is a lawyer now as were both his parents :roll:

    Claiming somebody else is responsible for an individuals actions is an over-used cop out. The adults are accountable, but the children are responsible for their actions.
  9. Stop blaming social services FFS there were no social services for hundreds of years. Peer pressure for familys to conform to acceptable standards was all that was required in times past so until the community is prepared to do something stop blaming the people we have had to put in place because the community as a whole doesn't care!!

    What these kids did was terrorise, they didit because they could get away with it. There was and is no fear of retribution. (now we get to the ranting) Bring back the Birtch, captial and corporal punishment. Wot do I hear from the liberal leftys?? You cant control through violence it just encourages them to be more violent????? Well we tried your way and it hasn't worked. How about a bit of violence inflicted on them!! If you cant take it dont give it??
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Corporal punishment does not automatically work either - it is the humilation that results from it that can be effective....
  11. Capital punishment works.. zero re-offending rates and reduced overcrowding in prisons so that thugs can be jailed instead of being patted on the head and told "Now don't do it again".

    The liberals allowed this situation to develop due to their ludicrous social engineering, they bear a great deal of the responsibility.
  12. Well said, the only 100% certain way of stopping re-offending.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Have you ever heard of a place called the USA?
    Clearly with their crime rate it does not work.
  14. Corporal punishments humiliation would indeed work. I can just imagine the cries of pain and angusih, and pleading for it all to stop, as a stout Yeoman of Britian lays it on with a vengence.

    Then see the c0cky little fcuks strutt around acting the big man. Their peers would rip them apart for starters.
  15. Ah, so thats alright then. But wait a minute. What about choice? I cant remember anyone telling me that, for example, raping children is wrong so I shouldnt do it. I dont do it because I KNOW it's wrong. Similarly, most people have inhibitions about doing things that are clearly not right or are deeply antisocial.

    So either these kids are intrinsically evil, in which case they need to be removed from the gene pool; or, the people who should have done more to discipline them when they were raising them should be held equaly to account and they and their spawn should be disciplined in a manner commensurate with their crimes / neglect.

    And then they should all be removed from the gene pool, if the crimes are severe enough to warrant it.