Edlington brothers attack

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Sentencing was correct IMHO. Until the HR act is ditched or amended to allow the punishment of [in this case, the father][the police say there is no action they can take] then this sort of thing will be repeated. The father should be birched and imprisoned in a harsh regime.
  2. Just been announced, they have to serve a minimum of 5yrs each
  3. I wouldn't blame the state, but I would certainly blame Doncaster Council.

    The way in which the social services department was run (or should I say, not run) is endemic of the attitude of the people here, starting with Mayor Winter at the very top, who when questioned about the seven deaths in seven years, stated that it was nothing to do with him as he wasn't running the department.

    In the Edlington case specifically, these kids have been known for years and were failed by any & every authority in the area. They won't be the last either.

    I just hope that criminal charges follow the publication of the report, a report which the council fought in the courts to have it silenced - spending my money on hiding their incompetence.

    Am I angry about this? Not at all - I'm incandescent with rage.
  4. Indefinite sentences - which hopefully means a very long time.
  5. 'Lessons have been learned' is Govt speak for 'we cocked up but no-one is going to be blamed or held to account'.

    I fully agree that these two lads probably have been let down by systems that should have protected them. What will this mean? Most likely more guidelines and procedures for social workers, who are probably struggling to cope as it is. A pretty standard response to create the illusion that 'lessons have been learned' and that 'we have taken action to help prevent blah blah blah'.

    What is needed is for those who deal with such cases to to their jobs properly and not just rely on procedures. Introducing new procedures tends to make things harder for those involved, not easier.
  6. Like the cunts who killed Jamie Bugler? Now living in luxury in Australia courtesy of the British Government. I would personally shoot the little fucking cunts myself with no qualms whatsoever.
  7. SHooting is too good for them
  8. They could have sent them to somewhere miserable couldn't they. But no, Oz ffs!!!!
    Have you noticed that the reporting on this case is leaning towards the whole 'its not their fault' thing?

  9. Make their last hour on earth so unbearably miserable, they'll be begging for the bullet in the back of the head. We need to rid ourselves of this rediculous human rights act, where's the rights for the victim or the deterant. Yet again others are being blamed, the parents, the system, etc, that may well be, but the parents and the system didn't force these 2 oxygen thieves to carry out what they did. They're obviously a future threat to anyone who has the misfortune to come into contact with them. I can't think of one good excuse for these 2 to still be alive and I don't give a toss about the age, what they did was pure evil and need to be dealt with accordingly, not mothered, supported, educated.......just shot, pure and sime.
  10. the evil little c unts and their twisted parents should be sandpapered and sprinkled with vinegar every day for the remainder of their lives.

    I don't care who let who down. A basic upbringing in even the hardest of environments should still include knowledge of right and wrong. Social services appear to have done a spectacularly bad job here, but ultimately respnsibility lies with the foul parents and their evil spawn.

    I am no nazi but there is a growing argument for the compulsory sterilisation of a sector of our society.
  11. Revenge plan is for them to eventually marry Australian's..........that's punishment enough, they'll be begging to be hanged.
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  12. I always thought that there were four other people that should have stood in the dock, their parents. Thompson and Venables are still in the UK, the whole Austraila thing was an internet myth.
  13. Hasn't one of them joined up?...
  14. I've just been reading the BBC report on the centres that they will be sent to: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/south_yorkshire/8467849.stm

    While I agree with the view that something needs to be done to turn around the behaviour of these children rather than just locking them up and not rehabilitating them, and acknowledging that it will cost more than sending them to the local comprehensive, my jaw hit the ground at two statistics in the story.

    - Firstly that it costs £500 per child A DAY for the centre mentioned (36 children).

    - Secondly, that, after what one presumes is the best treatment that money can buy (at that price), there is still a re-offending rate of 43% within six months - (which the journo writing the piece seems to think is acceptable!)

    To put that into perspective, if 36 "residents" spend 12 months in this home, (likely, as these are all in for major offences), at at cost to the taxpayer of £6,570,000, within six months 15 of them will have committed further offences. Is this cost effective care, or is it a gravy train for somebody?