EDL protest in Dudley Sat APRIL 3rd.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Monty417, Mar 31, 2010.

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  1. I know that it's not happened yet, but it should be a hot one. The UAF forums are full of it and calling for massive anti demo support. So, keep an eye on this thread, it could be interesting.

    Don't visit Dudley zoo or castle this Sat..or probably ever for that matter.
  2. Is this March 3rd 2011????

  3. Yeah.. Giant fuck up. Brain dead cunt, get stuck in. :oops:

    Sorry corrected to this APRIL 3rd.

  4. It was actually going quite well, I saw EDL, some blacks and folks wearing Star of David badges shaking hands and marching along quite happily. There was a massive police presence and the EDL and UAF were kept well apart. As they were being herded back to their coaches, the shit hit the fan and a mob of EDL louts broke down the barriers and charged out. It looked quite hairy for a while and these idiots were even fighting with their own stewards, they were obviously the faction that were there for a punch up and actually screwed a otherwise peaceful demo.

    I notice that as usual, there was a lot of selective reporting, both prior to and after the march. This favoured the UAF, can't think why, especially as they were calling for an aggressive response to this fiasco.

    The 18mil mosque that was the object of the protest was initially refused planning permission, but an appeal was successful in getting outline planning...as it was considered to be benificial to the whole community???and providing that it was used as such?? The Council are confused as to the meaning of that condition, I wonder why, perhaps it's expected that the total population of Dudley will convert to Islam. :?
  5. If I was a suspicious sort.. I'd suspect that the breakaway mob were in fact UAF infiltrators, if the march was going so well then why kick off? Have they identified the trouble makers or did they mysteriously melt away without being arrested?
  6. Probably the same people that Peter Mandelson personally hires to disagree with you on the internet, the same people that even now are arranging for a dog to urinate up your car, and a pigeon to poo on your head.
  7. Well as its a well known fact that they do employ people to post spin on intenet sites and they do infiltrate organisations (Who do you think taped the shadow home secretaries remarks on the B&B issue). The agent provocateur is a bog standard tactic.

    The question to ask yourself is who would be served best by violence at this demo? The UAF (In alliance with a friendly press) or the EDL who the government are just itching for an excuse to ban or discredit?

    For the first time ever we are supposed to believe that the UAF attend a demo and are not violent?

    Now why is that? Why didnt UAF resort to violence this time when they have in just about every other demo they have attended?

    A change of heart? Or a change of tactic?

    Like I said, with all this "EDL" violence... who was arrested? all that CCTV and all those riot coppers and so on..If there were no arrests then that raises interesting questions as to what the police were doing.
  8. There were only eight arrests and I believe that three of those were arrested the night before the demo as 'known agitators' two more were for graffiti under a bridge? don't know about the other three. The police said that the UAF were kept well separated...Video here http://www.birminghammail.net/news/birmingham-news/2010/04/05/uaf-in-dudley-1-500-protest-against-edl-march-97319-26175324/