EDL Protects the Streets of Eltham - By Attacking the Police

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whet, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. On Channel 4 in the last 15 minutes. Watch it here
  2. I can't even read your latest dull offering as I've got you on ignore, but I already know you can take your head for a shite.
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Whet. You're not winning friends, or influencing people. We all know that the EDL are front bottoms, but your post adds nothing to the debate.
  4. They are front bottoms who took the unrest in London to a higher level when,whilst blaming just the ethnic minorities for rioting (which in itself is untrue) themselves attacked the police in numbers
  5. Are you an ethnic minority bumlicker?
  6. And if you had not spent the whole day on a narcoleptic haze, you would have seen this already covered in another thread.
  7. David Cameron the man god describes the EDL as being sick, it seems everything is broken at the moment.

  8. Oh FFS, now it's SonOfWhet. The WhetterThanWhet competition is on.
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  9. If it's Beyonce, I'd have to say I would.
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  10. Are you a knucking dragging combat 18 member who suffers from a mid life crisis, so you blame minorities for your retardation.

    The thread highlights a serious problem of far right using this situation for their advantage, and they did so, by attacking the police.
  11. Watch what where ? All that site has is 22 secs of somebody saying it happened thats it

    The strange thing is I spoke to my dad less than an hour ago who lives in Charlton and he mentioned this story which he saw on local news, however its was very different

    1. No mention of EDL
    2. No comment about attacking police
    3. Claimed that they asked to help the police but were told "thanks but we can handle it" and they went away peacefully

    So either the local news or Ch 4 is bullshitting us
  12. Why - you jealous? Don't be, the mortor platoon will support you
  13. Then if you rush you will see the report on Channel 4 plus 1

    You will see the ******* having a go and even bottling the police.
  14. Yet again you misread the facts behind the quote and merely see what you want to see. How do you do it exactly? You truely are an artist at knee jerk, read The Mail by any chance?

    Before you gob off about me being a member of C18 be aware I'm ethnic Ashkenazi and would take such a slur as a true compliment.
  15. Hang on, are you telling us that the EDL are nasty?

    Thanks, I never realised! I shall cancel my membership application immediately, and return the complimentary Parker Pen forthwith.
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