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EDL London 'march'.

We've just returned from the EDL demo. I'm not sure what will be shown on the box but largely they were well behaved and restrained. Tommy Robinson walked up to the Sikh protesters (another topic entirely) who were stuck between them and Anti-Fascists and greeted them as did many of his fellow EDL members.

There was a lot of shouting and chanting by both sides but it was the Anti-fascists that threw the first bottles. One or two of the EDL returned them but largely they were pretty restrained. I saw two injured blokes who'd been hit by missiles thrown by the AF side but there were no serious injuries.

The people causing most of the trouble were the young 'anarchists', clad in hoodies with bandanas around their faces - the same twats that were doing a lot of the damage during the 'student' riots. They gave us a load of abuse but didn't seem to want to follow it up when they realized there as many of us as there were of them.

It might kick of again later but I'm afraid this will probably be isolated drink fueled rucks that will have little to do with politics.
Stephen Lennon aka Tommy Robinson aka Paul Harris (the name he used on a fake passport). Why all the aliases? Has he got something to hide? Like his criminal record?


Book Reviewer
Because of the number of Regt T-shirts, berets, and tats on display in groups. We also spoke to quite a few.
Must have been squaddies then. To believe otherwise would be tantamount to suggesting that the EDL have form for parading 'soldiers' amongst their support.
Some reasons UAF, AFA are far more problematic/dangerous than the EDL is they've been doing it for a lot longer, they have political support and funding, not forgetting the fact that anyone who dares to oppose them 'must be a fascist' which gives them a greater degree of protection in the media especially and with the police to some degrees.

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