EDL flags on display in Helmand

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Royalsingleman, Mar 18, 2011.

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  1. Wondered what you guys think of these pics that have been posted all over facebook this week, showing an EDL flag being displayed in Helmand. Is it considered to be good for moral to support the EDL in the Middle East, or is it putting more risk on the troops in the firing line ?


  2. I think you're a journo.
  3. I think that they are slightly over exposed. Poor work on the cameramans behalf. Clearly wasn't a Loggy photographer.
  4. Why dont you tell us what you think?
  5. (Jack Bauer voice)Damn it!

    Mark beat me to the punch; the Journo is strong with this one...
  6. Not sure if that is considered a good thing or bad, but no I am just a run of the mill, middle aged man that is hearing 2 sides to this. Some are saying the troops fully support the EDL and it is good for Moral to display this sort of thing as a sign of solidarity. Others say it is supporting a right wing racist group and this sort of behavior will further the risk to serving troops.
    I am not here to take either side, just wondering what the serving troops view on this is themselves, as they are the ones it involves.
  7. When on Ops a squaddie will generally find anything, and I mean anything, to amuse himself. I would take the photos with a silo of salt.
  8. It could be worse they could be flying the UAF flag.

    IMO the photo's point to a squaddie wind up and it's working.
  9. Your phrasing of the questions spells Jurno scum. Why don't you go over to Helmand and ask the soldiers yourself ?
  10. I am not a jurno, but I will take the suggestions that I am as a compliment (even though I realise this is not how they were intended). Maybe their is a career opportunity in that direction that I need to explore. Anyway I got a reasonable answer from Prince Albert, one I can relate to.
  11. But as a middle aged man you should have an opinion?

    My opinion is that it's a bit of black humour. Go online and you'll find pictures of UK, US, Dutch and all other nations soldiers wearing "Pork eating crusader" or "Infidel" patches, t-shirts and tattoo's in Afghanistan.

    Seeing as the lads out there are the one's getting shot at I think they can dress as Templar Knights or Rabbi's if they feel like it dont you?
  12. My reply was quite neutral in nature; this site routinely attracts journos who are trolling for quotes that they can use to flesh out their stories. Nothing personal.
  13. Doubtful opportunities in quality journoism. Based on the fact you clearly have no idea of how to spell morale or you actually believe this will affect 'moral' I'd say the red tops would love to receive your CV.

    So, what is your goal in joining Arrse and posting such a potentially controversial and 'newsworthy' thread? Slow news day?
  14. I have terrible gas on occasion.
  15. Helmand - Middle East? Any idea where Afghanistan actually is?